Jan 23, 2014

Que Pasa

I’m still here and I am feeling almost 100%.  We’ve just been busy getting ready for a visitor.  Hugh, a friend and previous photographer with our bushiness when we lived in Vancouver emailed that he wanted to come visit us and to experience the Isla.  Rather than get a room at a hotel we arranged for the rental of an RV here at Tres Amgios.  That way he is closer to us and can cook some meals on his own and generally just have the normal freedom of an RVer.

We were able to arrange for a nice sunset for his arrival.

We got some nice color in the sky way to the left of where the sun had set.

Even Caeli was taken by the display and sat at the top of the stairs to enjoy the view.

Hugh arrived last Tuesday and had to be at the Vancouver airport at 4:00AM so he was ready for appies at sunset and then a good meal.

First thing Wednesday morning we were treated to our horse parade. Hugh owns a horse so it quite interested in them.

One of my readers asked what the horses do during the day.  Mostly they are used to take tourists for rides along the beach and through various sections of the Isla.  Usually the groups are no more the eight so there could be a variety of tours happening at the same time.   Hugh’s initial opinion is that the horses seem to be well cared for and seemed overall healthy.

There are seven restaurants in this photo. One resourceful owner painted his shade umbrellas green. A great way to make his establishment stand out.

This place is new this season and stands out with its colorful tablecloths and nicely painted brick work at the back.

Carmelita's is well known on the Isla and it trying some new advertising with the boat and flag.

After a not so great sunset we opted for dinner on the beach in front of our propane fire pit. It's not cold but it adds to the ambience.

Somehow I just have been busy in the kitchen but we are going to switch that out to dinners out starting tonight.

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3 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. Nice to have friends drop by the isla and stay a while, enjoy.

    • contessa says:

      George this is our first fly in friend, other than my sister once. We have had lots of friends show up in their RV’s but this is different a Hugh has no transport of his own or his own home with him. So far so good.

  2. longdog2 says:

    Hope the visit goes well. He should have a great time.

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