Jan 19, 2014

Just another Isla weekend

Saturday was quiet as I recovered from my hectic Friday evening.

Unexpected visit by two members of the Blue Rose Band who play every Wednesday at La Palapa del Mar starting at 6:30PM. They rock the house! We were there just before Christmas.

A short vist with Alberta, Steve and Lola as the sun set. It was just an okay sunset, I didn't even take a photo.

We spent Sunday preparing for a visit from a Canadian friend.

David Perez, one of the owners of Tres Amigos Rv Park is renting his personal RV out to our friend and spent a good part of the day preparing his site, including painting the patio and bringing in plants.

With no prior notice, Mother Nature decided to put on a show Sunday evening.

The colors were beyond amazing.

Notice the distance between these three boats....just saying!!

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  1. Nothing like fun in the sun, enjoy all the days you have left there.

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