Jan 18, 2014

Enchanted Evening

It was another perfect evening to add to my memory book.  I truly wish that you all could have been with us in town last evening.  The warm air, the lights, the people, the architecture of the Plazuela Machado and the music……magical!

We headed across to Mazatlan on the panga just before sunset and the lighting was superb. I have more photos to share with you of the water another day.

First stop was to have some photo prints made and we ran right into our friend Avy. He had RVed here at Tres Amigos but his wife passed two years ago and he is now staying in Centro. Avy and I had a lovely chat while Colin had his prints made.

Our next stop was to drop off my camera for repair and on the way back to the Plazuela we heard music and just around the corner we peeked through the window into one of the music schools classes. Just a fun shot.

Our last task was to pick up some symphony tickets at the Angela Peralta Theatre Box Office. I was taken by this young man sitting on the ground and reading in such beautiful surroundings.

We were meeting a couple for dinner and we stopped for a drink as we were early. While scanning the crowd watching for our dinner partners we were greeted with a "Hello Contessa". Meet Hannelore and Peter who haven't been in town quite two weeks yet. They are friends of friends from Kamloops and of course they read this blog. We were all delighted to finally meet. We look forward to your visit to the Isla and spending more time with you.

By now we had been looking for the folks we were dining with for about 45 minutes. It was a bit tricky as we had never set eyes on them before, nor they us.  We had decided on a restaurant but all the good tables, in my opinion, were full so we sat just 2 tables over at another restaurant keeping our eyes peeled for them.  Between us we must have got up three times asking strangers if they were so and so.  Nada, but one fellow who knows them said they were not there.  So we waited.  Finally I sent Colin over to a table where a couple were having drinks.  I didn’t think it was them as they didn’t seem to be looking out for anyone to join them but I thought we should ask just in case and of course it was.  As they had gone ahead and ordered their meals ( I guess they thought we were not coming ) we brought our drinks over to them and proceeded to have a wee visit.

We were there only moments when yet another couple came up to us. Meet Edna and Otto whom we have know for at least 10 years but perhaps have only seen them 3 times in those ten years. We first met them in Kelowna at Holiday Park Resort, they came to see us in Acapulco one year and we saw them another time in Teacapan while visiting someone else. They are wintering in Mazatlan in their RV this winter. We look forward to their visit to the Isla. It was great seeing you both last evening.

We finally ordered our meals and shortly thereafter our dinner companions had their food served so we just went and had ourselves a wee dance.  The music was addictive and you felt that you just had to dance.  Back to our table just in time for our Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp.  It would have been perfect but it was very salty which I wonder if it comes from the shrimp being put in brine when caught at sea.  I have to say that we were surprised when our companions abruptly decided to leave.  We had been together less then an hour and were just getting acquainted.  They live here year round and we were anxious to ask some questions.  Sadly they refused to have their photo taken.

The night was young and the party was just getting underway. The band, Los Cryps who I usually refer to as the boy band was in top form. This is my 3rd or 4th time listening to them and I heard music thay they had not performed before.

We were at La Tramoya Restaurant. There were no empty tables here nor at any other restaurant in the Plazuela. The night was alive with energy.

The tablecloths incorporated cute short phrases. It just added to the fun of the evening.

When Colin got tired of dancing I continued on with Laurie who was sitting with a large group next to us. As our table was furthest back from the action we just danced inside the restaurant. Much more space to do our thing. I can't believe I was doing the twist.

Laurie and her husband???John, I think. I had so much fun! Enjoy your vacation.

This fellow did a great job entertaining the crowd with his rope tricks when the band took a break. Colin's new amigo.

Later Melodie came over to chat and see how our evening was going. She her husband were the first people we had asked if they were the couple we were supposed to be dining with. It was lovely meeting you, just not enough time in one night to spend with everyone.

It was time to go but we didn't really want to leave so we strolled around the square and listened to this group for a few moments. There are all kinds of vendors selling things like hats, jewellery and other items. Some of it is very good but we were there for the magic of the music, not shopping.

A final visit with some of the band members. We had gone to the Plazuela last evening to pick up a CD that Colin had requested two weeks ago when we saw the band after Artwalk. They do not have CD's nor had they made one. They will try and get us one next time. I tried to explain to them that they would make a lot of money by selling a CD of their wonderful rock and roll 50's and 60's music.

I love this group. Los Cryps plays inside at La Boheme Restaurant every Saturday evening and outside in the bandstand gazebo every second Friday evening. I hope to see you there soon.

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  1. val love says:

    looks like you had a great time, you know so many people from all your travels and blog, just keep on doing what you do as you touch so many people (like us) with your blog

    • contessa says:

      Val…..what a lovely thing to say! You brought tears to my eyes.

      Marty….is your friend from Mazatlan? I don’t know the names of the boys in the band. The Plazuela is magical and worth a visit in the evening.

      George…..that is why the evening was as I called it, enchanted. It was perfect.

  2. Marty says:

    Stan and I want to be sure to take in the Plazuela on this visit. It surely is a magical place! Funny-the young man on the right in the last picture looks just like my friend and get this-his name is Chris Machado!

  3. Another fun evening meeting more people, looks like you had a great time.

  4. longdog2 says:

    Looks like a fantastic time but then you are so good at having fun wherever you go.

  5. Lynne says:

    Love your photos– especially you and the boy band! So cute!!! Sorry your dinner dates were such duds, but looks like you found plenty of others to make the night even more fun!

  6. AVY says:


  7. Margie says:

    Can’t wait to meet you! Please save a dance for me! Margie http://www.babyboomersonthego.com

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