Jan 13, 2014

From my garden….

..I see many things.  Just because I haven’t been out and about due to my cold I am not missing the action.

Colin rescued this wee hummingbird from inside the neighbors RV.

We have 3 different varieties of orioles eating on our juice oranges.

That is one way to exercise a horse!

Anyone care for a game of darts?

This was a group of volunteers cleaning trash off the beach. They did a great job but none of the huge garbage bags dropped up the beach have been picked up yet. I imagine it will happen eventually.

Our piece of the Day of the Kings cake. Neither of us got the Baby Jesus so we do not have to host a party. Thanks for the cake Fern.

A new visitor to the beach. I watched them arrive and walk and take photos and then when he was about to leave he just had to do it. Make wheelies in the sand with his truck. Of course he got stuck and the tide was coming in. With a lot of digging he did get out.

They grow peanuts here on the Isla and this is the truck that harvests them.

No they did not put the boat in the water, just took if for a drive down the beach.

We refer to this vehicle as the Beverly Hillbillies! It showed up recently and we have seen it used to haul palm fronds, wood and an ATV. The fuel is in the red can sitting up top.

Life is never boring here on the Isla.

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  1. Bob says:

    Fun stuff. There’s always at least one dimwit who gets stuck in the sand. It’s like a magnet.

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