Jan 03, 2014

The day stared with a huge bang…

…and went downhill from there.

Seriously, we heard a huge bang first thing this morning, almost like pieces of metal clashing together or one extremely large and very loud firecracker.  Of course the girls were frightened and started shaking. Shortly after I found that one of the girls had upchucked in 2 places on sofa ( thank goodness we cover it with blankets ) and on the carpet  😥

Doesn't everyone travel with extra blankets? So once the blankets were washed and hanging outside and the new ones in place, Carmeh struck up this pose." Really Mom I didn't mean to make so much extra work for you? "

Not 30 minutes later I spotted Carmeh on our bed with two gleaming patches of oil on her back!!!!!!

Colin started with Simple Green and lots of rubbing. No go. So then he took her down to the beach and started rubbing sand on her back as an abrasive. Back up to our site and more Simple Green and water and rubbing.

I was so flustered at this point that I forgot to take photos.  Too much happening too fast….and then the day went further downhill.

I discovered that Caeli had several patches of oil on her back and all of one ear coated in the stuff.

Wipe with paper towels, spray with Simple Green, rub with sand and almost drown the dog in the surf.  Back up to the site and more Simple Green and more water and more rubbing off with towels  😡  Finally got the mutts cleaned up but they were not allowed into the RV until they had dried off and we rechecked them with a white cloth to make sure that they were no longer oily.

We have seen them coming out from under the RV a few times.  Not a  problem or so we thought.  Seems that there was a really good scent under the motorhome this morning and they were on the hunt.  We did have this problem once last year when Caeli had a cat cornered high up somewhere near the generator in front.  She got coated in crud then also.

Poor Colin put on his coveralls and went underneath with a roll of paper towels to sop up any excess oil and lubrication.

I finally managed to get my teeth brushed by 11:30AM and have my first coffee of the day.  We were pretty much worn out by now.  The poor girls knew they had done something wrong but had no idea what or why we were washing them so much.

So many funny things happened on the beach today. It appears that Home Depot delivers to the Isla. I missed it when the truck came in this morning driving down the beach, full of cement bags, but did catch this as it left.

The weather has been the best ever in our five winters here.  Hot and sunny.  My garden brought me much joy today.

Have I created a hybrid? Two colors in just a few blooms.

Then three exquisite blooms on one my hibiscus plants.

Things are right in my world again and the girls are back to getting hugs and lovies. You might say that January got off with a bang!





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6 Responses to “The day stared with a huge bang…”

  1. longdog2 says:

    Did Colin find out what they had gotten into? Looks like you might have a leak.

    • contessa says:

      Longdog….not a leak, just excess crud from the various maintenances required.

      Gail….gracias, can’t get that here but it is on my list for next year.

      Kelly..thanks for the details.

      Margie….welcome the blog and thanks for commenting. I do hope you come visit us down here next year.

      George…they were beyond pesky!! All is now forgiven.

  2. Gail Todd says:

    Hi again!
    If your dogs get into oil/grease again, wash them in Dawn for dishes. We always used Dawn on cats who got oily. It was also great to use on sea otters after the oil spill.
    Gail Todd

  3. Kelly says:

    Yes Dawn works well, but try to get regular, not ulta or scented.

  4. Margie says:

    Contessa, I accidentally found your blog about a week ago. I have been fascinated ever since! You have opened my eyes again to Mexico. We lived aboard a sailboat for many years and spent a lot of time in Mexico and loved it. We ended up living in Costa Rica for several years. We moved back to the States in 1994. We are seriously thinking about renting our house for a couple of years and taking off in our fifth wheel. Never considered Mexico until finding your blog. Now we are busily exploring every piece of information about Mazatlan to see if it might be an option for us next year, and all thanks to your blog!

  5. Those pesky loveable girls, sure kept you busy this morning.
    Always on the hunt for something.

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