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Dec 20, 2013

Locked in the bathroom twice and misplaced camera !!

Wednesday evening four of us headed over to the Golden Zone in Mazatlan to listen to a friend and his band play some great music.  Turns out several others from the Isla also came over and it was a busy evening.  First you have to drive to the embarcadero, then take a panga ( also […]


Dec 18, 2013


Tuesday evening one of the RVers at Tres Amigos kindly arranged a bonfire to welcome the full moon.


Dec 17, 2013

Guest blog post by…

Lucas with Contessa’s help!!! Lucas is nine and is visiting his grandparents Val & John, our neighbors here on the Isla.  His Mom Sarah is here with him and they are here for 13 days. Last night Lucas entertained us with a joke…..pretty good for a nine year old. You are American when you go […]


Dec 16, 2013

Special Saturday and happy hearts

It all started with the observation of a family, walking back and forth along the beach several times a day usually carrying heavy bags of food and sometimes water.  This family lives a long way down the beach, over a mile or more.  It is the furthest point on our daily walk and that is […]


Dec 14, 2013

It is great to be able to move around and enjoy life!

This is the same shop that Colin got these shoes from.  


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