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Dec 26, 2013

So busy and no time to share

We have had a fabulous last few days and there are so many photos to share that will have to do it bit by bit starting with December 23rd.    


Dec 25, 2013



Dec 23, 2013


Thank you Croft for allowing me to copy your recent blog post. You might want to click on the video to listen to the words by John Lennon as you scroll down and view the comic images by Pablo Stanley. Then come back up and just watch the video.     Wishing us all Peace […]


Dec 22, 2013

Just enjoying life

We get up in the morning and just go with the flow and the day passes all too quickly.  I can’t imagine being anywhere else right at the moment. I received an interesting link from readers Ruth and Gerry….it is not a gimmick but is does not work from here on the Isla as you […]


Dec 21, 2013

Que Pasa on the Isla

We are still taking our long morning walks.  I tend to wimp out on the afternoon walks.  I guess that second walk of the day might just be one my New Year resolutions. Lucas is fully recovered from his sting ray incident but has refused to go into the water since then.  Too bad as […]


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