Dec 29, 2013

International Bloggers Conference

For a few days this week we had 3 Canadian bloggers and 3 American bloggers on the Isla.  What to do but create an International Bloggers Conference!  We came together yesterday to watch the sunset and enjoy a buffet.

Bloggers from left to right, Maria ( from Northern Alberta ), myself ( from Kelowna ), Lynne ( from Chicago ), Suzanne ( from Texas but really a nomad in her RV ), Roger the blogger and his wife Susie ( from Vancouver Island ) and Evelyn ( from Manitou Springs, Colorado ). Colin took photos all evening, mille gracias!

We certainly never ran out of conversation.

Just so you know, we did speak of things other than blogs.



The first International Blogger Conference on Isla de la Piedra

From left to right………….

Roger’s blog can be found here.  He has a unique writing style and likes to keep us up to date with the happenings of the RVers.

Lynne’s blog can be found here.  She is recently retired and this is her first trip to Mexico.  She will have some great stories to share with us all.

Evelyn’s blog can be found here.  This is her 3rd trip by RV Mexico.  She has left her husband Steve at home working while she guides Lynne through Mexico.

Maria’s blog can be found here.  She first came to the Isla back in 2000 when she fell in love with the island.  She is not an RVer and lives within the Mexican community on the Isla.  She has a unique way of telling a story.  Be sure to check out her blog as well as the others.

Suzanne’s blog can be found here.  She is living a life of adventure from Antarctica to Iran.  Be sure to check out her What’s next, you ask? column at the top of her blog.

Just after the sun set Roger and Susie had to leave to join friends for a pre planned event and you can read about that on his blog 🙂

Meanwhile the rest of us enjoyed a burrito bar buffet. It was delicious if I say so myself.

More conversation around the fire pit.

It was a fun evening and hopefully we will get to do it again one day.  Just to clarify, this was only for bloggers on the Isla.  There are at least 3 others that I know of in Mazatlan.  A great source for all things Mazatlan can be found on Nancy’s blog Countdown to Mexico.  Check out the links at the top of her blog.


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8 Responses to “International Bloggers Conference”

  1. Such a great time getting to meet fellow bloggers.
    Think I got you hooked when I showed you our Blog way back when.
    It is a very special community.

    • contessa says:

      George… was fun having 6 of us together at the same time.

      Janet….sorry to have contributed to your addiction 🙂

      Suzanne….so great to have you here. Can you believe you are commenting on a bus in the middle of the country?

      Susie…I thanked her for you.

      Maria…de nada.

      Longdog….you’ve done it a few times, it was my turn.

  2. Janet Ashworth says:

    Amazing! Looks everyone had a great day!
    Internet has made the world of blogging a wonderful thing. Being able to share experiences with others all over the world with keystrokes and a return key, who knew?
    I am enjoying all your blogs and many more, afraid to say I might have become “addicted!”

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hola, Contessa, from the ETN bus bound for Mexico del Norte! This bus is the next best thing to my own bed in my RV! haha! A comfortable single seat, lots of legroom, and good wifi. I just enjoyed my “buen viaje” snacks you sent. All I need now is a margarita! 😉

    I had SUCH a great time at the International Blogger’s Conference! It was so much fun to meet everyone and share stories. I look forward to the “2nd annual!”

    Thanks again to you and Colin for your wonderful hospitality. I really enjoyed my time on the Isla!

  4. susie says:

    Thanks for including Roger( the blogger) at your get-together, interesting and wonderful to all be on the Isla….Also would like to thank the person for donation for grocery hampers (name please) Cheers!!

  5. maria says:

    it was a great night…thanks for hosting Contessa

  6. longdog2 says:

    Great idea to get all the bloggers together.

  7. Croft says:

    fun times! Say “Hi” to Eve for us if she is still there.

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