Dec 26, 2013

So busy and no time to share

We have had a fabulous last few days and there are so many photos to share that will have to do it bit by bit starting with December 23rd.

The day stared with a visit from Santa's reindeer.

Then one of the two mother/foal teams currently roaming the beach made an appearance with the owner. He decided to lead them into the ocean for a bath. The baby just followed its mamma.

If you look closely you will see a barge with what looks to be a semi truck on it, just to the right of the shrimp boat or to the left of the sail boat coming into port.

Not ten minutes later Santa made an appearance on the beach and then came down our lane. All the children were clamoring for candies. Don't you love how an ATV pulls the sleigh. This is all done by local Isla residents.

Colin and I just had to get to the mercado in Mazatlan for some food supplies for Christmas dinner. This is a new sign.......please wear a life jacket while crossing in the panga.

Dec. 23rd and we had traffic jams. I'm sure it would be worse in the 24th. It actually was. I later read that they had to close down 2 main streets in Centro due to the amount of traffic.

Doesn't this place look enticing? The slow traffic allowed me this shot. The sign says rooms for rent with hot water. Love the colors.

When we finally got to the mercardo it was packed but we quickly found what we needed. I could spend hours just wandering around.

Later in the afternoon with our bags full of goodies we walked over to the Plazuela Machado to meet Evelyn and Lynne for an early dinner.

We shared a pulmonia back to the embarcadero. We had to walk several blocks to find an empty one. So glad that they are busy and making some pesos.

Just another regular sunset on the Isla.

...and so ended Dec 23rd!



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3 Responses to “So busy and no time to share”

  1. longdog2 says:

    Fun in paradise….you are always finding it.

  2. So busy having too much fun is good, enjoy !

  3. Mary says:

    Thank you for the great pictures.. It brought tears to my eyes. I miss the isla and all my friends that converge there! I hope to see you this season!
    I shared this blog on my Facebook page…

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