Dec 22, 2013

Just enjoying life

We get up in the morning and just go with the flow and the day passes all too quickly.  I can’t imagine being anywhere else right at the moment.

For certain there is always time to play the guitar and for me to read a novel.

Or to stretch!!! Notice Caeli laying in her stretch position below the inverter. She always imitates whatever Colin is doing.

Carmeh is content to sit and wait for prey to pass by. I think she must have been a cat in another life. 

Yesterday afternoon our bike family came by. Our neighbors, John & Val had purchased a few gifts for the little girl. Don't tell her but she is getting a barbie doll with another set of clothes and accessories to play with and a pretty dress for herself. She seemed to know what presents were as she was shaking the boxes. Not sure who the little girl in the pink was, but she was visiting, perhaps a cousin.

I received an interesting link from readers Ruth and Gerry….it is not a gimmick but is does not work from here on the Isla as you do need an address to put in and we don’t have addresses here.  I did try it with a few other addresses and it works.  Very cute.

I thought you would enjoy entering your Mexican address to see the snow falling on the RV…..
 Merry Christmas to you and all the lucky people sitting and looking at the ocean while we have lots of snow and now freezing rain……and thats the weather in the nations capital!!
Just type in your address, or any family addresses, and look through the window at the snow falling on your home today.

We ended our day with an early dinner at El Valero with the neighbours and their family.

Just one from my collection of unposted sunsets. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “Just enjoying life”

  1. Kelly says:

    That Caeli imitating Colin is sooo funny……
    Very special for that little girl to have those presents…

    The bikes gift was very memorable. You folks surely made a difference.


  2. LOL @ Caeli. Does she still stretch when you invert her?

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