Dec 21, 2013

Que Pasa on the Isla

We are still taking our long morning walks.  I tend to wimp out on the afternoon walks.  I guess that second walk of the day might just be one my New Year resolutions.

The girls keep trying to dig up a crab but have been unsuccessful thus far.

With the recent full moon the tide has been very high early in the morning making it difficult to walk. We have to shuffle our times a bit but if we wait too long, then it become almost too warm to walk. The temperatures have remained hot and wonderful.

The water has been coming closer and closer to our wall but not quite yet. The girls make friends with all the beach dogs.

Lucas is fully recovered from his sting ray incident but has refused to go into the water since then.  Too bad as he really had been enjoying the water.  He says he needs another few days to think about it.  He flies back to Kelowna and lots of snow on Christmas Day.  Lucas you are running out of time!

Just wanted to mention that we see our family with their new to them bikes almost daily and they have huge smiles.  Nice to see.  The bike baskets are always full.  The family is also on our Christmas Hamper program.  Just found out that we are able to feed an additional 10 families for a total of 42 this year.

The sunsets continue to be outstanding. Great to watch and so different every night.

Caeli hates being fenced in and is constantly trying to escape. This week she figured out how to nudge the gate open with her nose so now we have to fasten it with a clip. Yet when I open the gate she is just happy to sit on the top step and watch the world pass by.

Evelyn and Lynne and their dogs enjoying the sunset the other night.

We are still eating well and so glad we bought the larger Weber. How else would we have room for 3 salmon patties, 2 baked potatoes, a large package of onions and all that squash that had been marinated in coconut oil. It was a gourmet meal and tasted every bit as great as it looks.

Yesterday, for the first time since we arrived here on Nov. 7th, the weather took a turn for the worse. We had clouds and wind and rain showers. That still didn't stop people from enjoying the beach nor Carol from the park here and her sister swimming in the ocean.

It was a great day to stay inside and listen to Christmas carols, my favorite station being the Franco Fetes on Shaw. It was dark enough to have the inside Christmas lights on most of the day. My idea of a cozy way to spend the day. As you can see our stockings are hung with care.

Early this morning I saw this pair trot right past us, next to our wall. We later saw them down the beach while on our walk. I guess their owner just lets them roam at will.

The sun returned this morning and we were able to sit out and enjoy the heat and a great plate of fresh fruits. Everything on this plate was purchased off the veggie trucks that come to the park on a daily basis. Even those small pieces of muffin on the top left next to the watermelon. Anything you want, you just have to ask for and it usually delivered within a day or two.

Someone out for a pre Christmas ride!

Life is pretty good here on the Isla.  Now if they could just fix the glitch with the internet we would be back in paradise once again.


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5 Responses to “Que Pasa on the Isla”

  1. Sandy says:

    That plate of fruit looks so yummy. The best tangerines we have ever bought in Mexoco were bought in Teacapan – looking forward to that. Who gets stocking #5?

    • contessa says:

      Sandy…..the 5th C has been of two different parrots we have had in the past. We used to be the 4C’s and then became the 5C’s and that is when the blog was born so we reamin the 5C’s, you never know when we might get another “c”!

      longdog….thank you!

      George…good to know but we like what we have at this point.

  2. longdog2 says:

    Ah, life in paradise. It sounds wonderful and you write such interesting posts about it.

  3. Nice to see you making good use of your Weber.
    Sure does work great.
    We have never needed a larger grill in 4 years as it cooks so even on every inch of the grill.
    Just keep enjoying that beach.

  4. Hugh Martell says:

    Can’t wait to be there and meet the horsies, and get my equine fix while I’m away!

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