Dec 20, 2013

Locked in the bathroom twice and misplaced camera !!

Wednesday evening four of us headed over to the Golden Zone in Mazatlan to listen to a friend and his band play some great music.  Turns out several others from the Isla also came over and it was a busy evening.  First you have to drive to the embarcadero, then take a panga ( also called a launcha )  across the shipping channel to Mazatlan.  From there you take a pulmonia to the Playa Del Mar, the restaurant.

A pulmonia holds four adults so Marjorie and Bob doubled up. The dude in the front is our musician friend Kevin who we met on the panga. Colin managed to cut his face off.

By the time we got there I had to visit the ladies room.  One the way out, the door to the restaurant would not open, it seemed stuck rather than locked.  So after a few minutes of trying I gave up and  just walked down the hall until I and saw a very low window that led back inside and I just climbed back in.  I did mention the stuck door to the waiter.  Not an issue for me at all.

The Blue Rose Group

Marjorie and Bob

I think this was my second margarita and we hadn't even ordered dinner yet.

Not sure what was in those margaritas but is certainly was a dancing night.

Other than eating dinner and the odd sip of my drink here and there, I was on the floor dancing.

Thanks for the fabulous music Kevin.

Then I had to visit the ladies room once again.  This time I couldn’t get out of the stall.  The latch was rusty and would not move back to the open position.  I tried pulling and then pushing the door, I took my shoe off and banged the lock, all to to avail.  By now I was panicking just a tad.  I waited for the song to end and started screaming in English and alternately in Spanish for help!  No one heard me.  By the beginning of the third song I was seriously wondering how I was going to get out.  Meanwhile Colin was worried about why I was in the washroom so long so he asked Marjorie to come check on me.  Thank goodness!  Off she went and found a very cute waiter who at first thought he could jump over the top of the door.  Not possible!  Finally we convinced him that he would have to come under the door and the doors were rather low to the ground.  First he took off his white work shirt and then crawled under and up and rescued me.  I gave him a big kiss and hug.  There was no way I could have got down that low in the small space of the stall and crawled out.  Marjorie later mentioned that she had used the same stall earlier and that the door latch almost didn’t open for her.

Meanwhile the party continued on during all of the drama.

It was soon time to head back to the Isla.  It was cooler and I pulled my jacket out of my bag for warmth.  We were about halfway to the embarcadero and I asked Colin where the camera was, in my bag he said.  It wasn’t.  Nor was it in my purse.  We had the pulmonia turn around and returned to the Palapa del Mar but the camera could not be found and even though it was announced by the band, no one had found it.  Nothing to do but return to the pangas.  I would just have to get yet another camera.  As we were leaving the pulmonia I felt something bulky at my back, it was my camera.  It must have fallen out of the bag when I put my jacket on.  So the evening ended on a perfect note.

Yesterday I nursed a sore throat all day.  Either from my cries for help or the beginning of a cold, not sure yet.  Just a bit tender today.


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8 Responses to “Locked in the bathroom twice and misplaced camera !!”

  1. Sandie says:

    I have never been locked in a bathroom before. In an elevator and a closet but not a bathroom. Now that I’m older, I think the bathroom would be a better choice. lol Sure glad you found your camera. Dancing the night away – way to go.

    • contessa says:

      Sandie….I think I prefer the bathroom, it was a stall in a larger space. So happy to be dancing.

      Peter…I am glad I got the camera back so I could do the post!

      Teri….it was quite the experience.

      Dolores….wild is the work for it!! Looking back it is was funny but not at the time.

      George….can you tell me why these things happen to me 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    Great story, sorry for your incovenience, but you got an excellent post out of it!
    Glad the camera shiwed up again.

  3. Teri says:

    What is the old saying?? “When God closes a door he opens a window?” I guess that happens in restaurants too? 🙂

  4. Dolores tanner says:

    My goodness, what a wild night!! 🙂 got quite the chuckle out of the bathroom incident…. funny.. suppose not so much for you!!!

  5. Such memorable experiences you have, sound like all worked out well in the end.

  6. Who has more fun than people! Great story.

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