Dec 14, 2013

It is great to be able to move around and enjoy life!

Friday morning we went into Centro and shared a pulmonia with another couple from RV2 who we met on the launcha. Colin had a great chat with Jorge the driver. He has travelled across Canada and driven the West coast from Alaska down to Mexico and speaks perfect English.

The mercardo ( market ) area is full of energy and activity.

Do you need something to decorate with for the holidays?

We were looking for this particular shop. Colin wanted to fins a pair of inside slip in shoes.

This is the same shop that Colin got these shoes from.

However he could not find what he was looking for.

Just across the street and down a bit he found what he wanted.

By now we had been walking many many blocks and I was still good to go. We stopped here to buy shoelaces and help this fellow with a sale. He was selling a lot of things in this tiny area.

Looks like we walked into the wrong door at the mercardo. Normally we try to avoid the meat area.

It was a very busy Friday. Lots of people everywhere.

Our favorite queso ( cheese ) booth!

You can choose just one or as many as you like. Most Mexican pastries are not very sweet.

We found this very sweet girl just wandering around the mercado! Who did she belong to? I found her owner and asked if she had just had pups. Indeed, on Nov. 2nd she had 4 females and 2 males. I just could not get over her being free to walk among all the people in the market.

Just two aisles over we found one of her sons. He is obviously being well cared for. Not only does 'Rocky' have a blanket to lay on but a sweater, a toy and a leash to keep him in the shop. Apparently his Mom comes over to check on him from time to time. Only in Mexico! Sorry for the blurry shot but I was not going to get down on the floor nor wake him up. Next time we go we will bring him some smaller dog toys.

By now I had been walking for 2.5 hours and needed a break. I still can't get over how free I am this year. To live in constant pain is so exhausting. So we stopped for a queso and mushroom quesadilla and some Jamaica to cool our throats.

Saw this gorgeous flowering tree as we sped past in the pulmonia on the way to the lancha.

One of the may Isla shrines set up for Dec. 12th, the celebration of the Virgin de Guadalupe. This is a day in Mexican history where thousands of Catholics celebrate the Saint.

Less than 20 minutes after getting back to Tres Amigos we had 2 new RV's pull in. Here Marjorie is helping me welcome Evelyn and her dog Molly.

Right behind her was Lynne and her dog Millie. Welcome to the Isla! Hope your first trip to Mexico is all you hope it to be.

The girls needed food and I needed refreshment so off we went to Lety's. All three of us write blogs and follow each other and of course we were bound to meet eventually but where better than in paradise here on the Isla. ends another fabulous but very busy day. I am so thankful that I can once again fully enjoy each and every moment of every day.


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5 Responses to “It is great to be able to move around and enjoy life!”

  1. longdog2 says:

    It is truly wonderful that you are feeling so much better this year. I don’t think I know Evelyn’s blog but I definitely follow Lynne’s blog.

  2. Sandie says:

    I love hearing that you are doing so great this year and that you are able to enjoy yourself. I definitely can’t imagine letting one of my girls wander loose like that. That puppy is sooo cute.

  3. Kelly says:

    Good to read you are enjoying life so much more this winter….

  4. Love the market and always looked forward to checking things out there.
    Nice to meet fellow bloggers and rver’s have fun there.

  5. Lynda says:

    Just love the marketplace in Mazatlan’s el centro. What a blessing to have your mobility once again. We take too much in life for granted!

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