Dec 09, 2013

A face to fall in love with!!

I have to admit that other than a decent beach walk I laid low on Saturday.  My body was dictating rest, rest and yet more rest.  But that smile stayed on my face, I will never forget Friday night.

Not sure what night this was?

I think it was Thursday but I don't know that for certain but none the less still beautiful.

Look what we found on the beach!

Her name is Lacey and she is three months old. I asked the age several times because she is to tiny, smaller than our girls at 8 weeks. She only has 3 toes on each of her back feet. She couldn't stop shaking. Isn't she sweet, a face to love. I have never seen a chocolate doxie in Mexico before.

She belongs to this little girl. They are both adorable.

Dad is holding their much larger doxie, not related in any way to the puppy.

Amazing how the colors change from night to night. This was Saturday.

Sunday's offering was on a simpler scale.

After sunset Sunday most of the RVers gathered to watch a slide show about South Africa. One of the couples had just returned from a three week trip there before driving here. Later there was a movie but we left. Time for a late dinner and some relaxation at our place.

Looking forward to the week ahead.  Can you tell I’m doing better?

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7 Responses to “A face to fall in love with!!”

  1. Bob says:

    Sounds encouraging.
    I’d sure be tempted to keep that puppy. My “rational brain” would put a stop to that right quick though. “Gloriously pet free” here.

    • contessa says:

      Bob….I would have loved to have that puppy. Fortunately she had a good home and I just got a great cuddle.

      Peter…what a lovely thing to say. Thank you! It was the cutest pup.

      Longdog…that very puppy 🙂

      Lynda…it was the puppy that put the smile on my face.

      George….yes, great sunsets.

      Butterbean…..thanks! Blush! Sending you that hot air….EXPRESS! FYI…I do take most of the photos for this blog….Colin just does the special ones or the ones that I am in.

  2. Peter says:

    You look great Contess! Obviously the beach agrees with you. Cute pup, I lime doxies.

  3. longdog2 says:

    Beautiful puppies and gorgeous sunsets…….what more could anyone want?

  4. Lynda says:

    Wow, how absolutely beautiful, as is that smile on your face!

  5. Not thats one cute puppy, but we prefer to visit dogs.
    always wonderful sunsets there.

  6. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Contessa,

    That puppy is adorable and his ‘mama’ is too, also !!! I thought Colin always numbered the pics so he knew when he took’em !!! The sunsets are wonderful… You are looking like you are having a relaxing time…
    Please, send some of that warm air up this way, in order to melt the ice and dry up the mud !!!

    Hope y’all are having a HAPPY DAY !!!

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