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Dec 31, 2013

The last sunset



Dec 30, 2013

Horses and turtles on the beach

Several of the RVers had gone golfing early that morning and came across the turtles crossing from the berm all across the sand to the water.  The fellows stopped and helped some of the turtles into the water,  I understand that Robin actually put some into his Jeep and drove them down the beach aways, […]


Dec 29, 2013

International Bloggers Conference

For a few days this week we had 3 Canadian bloggers and 3 American bloggers on the Isla.  What to do but create an International Bloggers Conference!  We came together yesterday to watch the sunset and enjoy a buffet.     From left to right…………. Roger’s blog can be found here.  He has a unique […]


Dec 28, 2013

Sun, relaxation and sunsets

The past few days have just been spectacular.  The weather is hot and sunny.  It could not be more perfect. She is a friend of Lynne’s and also has a Winnie as Lynne and Evelyn do.  However she left her RV in Texas and bused down here for a few days.  More on that tomorrow. […]


Dec 27, 2013

More holiday photos to share!!

I forgot all about this one…mostly because it was in Colin’s camera, not mine.  RV1 had both parks over for a bonfire December 23rd and lots of carolling.  We had a great time. December 24th was cloudy and we had a few showers.  Colin and I spent the majority of the day inside cooking.  There […]


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