Nov 26, 2013

Just enjoying the Isla

The days pass so quickly.  There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  I’m up at 6:00AM and while I wait for the rest of the family to awake I read the news online, check some blogs and make some comments.  Suddenly it’s time to do our long beach walk.  By the time the girls have been fed and the kettle boiled for us it’s about 8:30AM.  I sit with a book and my coffee for just a few moments when the horn sounds announcing the first of the two veggie truck vendors.  They never have the same items each day and often one has different produce from the other.  No papaya yesterday but lots today.  No zucchini  or spinach today but yes finally watermelon and then I spy a treasure.  Beets tops.  I ask if I can just have the beets tops?  Of course Miguel answers yes and now I have ingredients for todays smoothie.

Beet tops & celery for the veggie part plus banana, orange, watermelon, strawberries and protein powder. Today my smoothie is a lovely pink color. I never know if today will be a smoothie day, one has to be flexible based on available ingredients. I hope for spinach for tomorrow.

By the time I shop, clean and prepare the veggies and fruits and sit and relax again it is after 10:30AM.  Then I water the garden, tidy the house and finally find time to write a blog.  Just not enough hours and I love it.  Always time for a wee visit here and there.  Soon it will be time to do some prep for happy hour and for our dinner later.  I look forward to my precious few hours in the early afternoon with a glass of wine and my book.

On an afternoon walk a few days ago we saw this fisherman getting ready to head our for a night of fishing. Notice the 2 light bulbs hanging on the back left of the panga. We often see these tiny lights bobbing in the distance and know that someone is working hard all night.

We had a vistor the other day. The foal is only 15 days old and is a first for the 3.5 year old mare. The owner is a friend of a someone doing work for an RVer and he brought by the horses by for us to enjoy.

Things just happen on the Isla and you just have to enjoy them as they happen. Everyday is different and a new adventure.

As you know our neighbours here at Tres Amigos, Val & John Love, live in Holiday Park Resort with us in Kelowna.  Their immediate neighbours at Holiday Park, Sandi & Tony Pattison dropped by Sunday for a 3 day visit.  It was their first visit to Isla de la Piedra.  They are headed further south to Lo de Marcos for the winter.  We had met Sandi & Tony over 8 years ago in Celestino Gasca.

So we headed out for dinner last night to the El Velero, to celebrate having 3 couples from the same Resort here on the Isla. I have to say that the margaritas were the best I have had in a long while and I will be back! Monday was massage day so what a treat to have a lovely meal out.

The menu for my Mazatlan readers who might like to come by for lunch one day! The margaritas were only 50 pesos. The second one was as good as the first 😆

Tony and I had the coconut shrimp which were very good. The waiter later apologized that the cook had used the small size shrimp in error. They gave us a discount. We will just have to go back again soon and try it again. The others had various dishes of fish and they were all tasty.

Yesterday was cloudy and breezy and there was no sunset. As we returned to the RV park, I had to laugh at how Colin and John were both walking with their hands behind them.

Once home I had a wee ( long ) nap while Colin joined the others with his guitar.  I woke to the sounds of guitar playing next door but stayed inside with my book.  Just lovely.  It cooled down yesterday and this morning it was a wonderful 65F inside.  Perfect for sleeping.  Today back to sunshine and heat with a lovely breeze.

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5 Responses to “Just enjoying the Isla”

  1. Sally says:

    Just curious, who cleans the beach if the horses make a mess?

    • contessa says:

      Sally…..nature takes care of the clean up, high tides twice per 24 hours!

      George….sometime we like to just sit quietly and soak it all in.

      Evelyn…so far we are lucky with the shrimp prices. Prices are likely higher in Mazatlan.

      Grace……so healthy for you 🙂

  2. It is amazing how the days just slide by.
    And any excuse for a celebration works for us too.

  3. Evelyn says:

    You take great pictures. The menu prices for shrimp are still very reasonable this year. I thought they would be much higher now because the catch is supposedly so much less due to the virus.

  4. Sounds heavenly. You make me want to start making smoothies again.


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