Nov 20, 2013

Palapa repairs

Last week we had the palapa repaired.  Of course everyone who we had quoted suggested we needed an entire new roof.  We said next year but just now we only want the two holes repaired plus a new layer of palm fronds.  The fellow we hired finally arrived 1.5 days later, not bad by Mexican standards.

First they have to cut the fronds in the plantation and then bring them to our site. One fellow hoists them up to the other and then the patron ties the fronds down.

A job with a view.

They did a very good job for the price quoted and we are happy with the results. Not much space to walk on our roof with 4 solar panels, 3 Fantastic Fans and a pop up vent and the spare tire.

While we were working on this project John, next door, was building his stairs to the beach.

I bargained for some soil from the farm fields as in free with the palapa repair. My garden was desperate for fresh nutrients. They transferred the soil from the truck to a tarp in my front yard. I still need more soil.

Meanwhile out front a fisherman is bringing in his catch.

Most of the restaurants down the beach are having their palapas repaired. It is an ongoing thing. Yes that is hotel here on the Isla, one of two hotels. This one offers a kitchen in some of the rooms.

Things are looking good at our place.

Our palapa roof looks good for another year.


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  1. Getting things all done even more, enjoy your shade.

  2. Hugh Martell says:

    Always knew you were shady characters!….. LOL :o)

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