Nov 17, 2013

That was some Saturday

For us it started at 3:30AM with strong winds.  We were expecting rain showers but not the 35 KM/Hour winds.  Even though we had prepared for the storm we still had to get up and do a few things outside.  Most of the RVers had to take down their awnings.  It was muggy and warm all night.  I have not been sleeping well at all.  Maybe I’m the only person wishing for things to cool down so we can sleep better at night.

First thing I saw in the morning was a full size oriole trying to eat my fruit.

During our morning walk Caeli rolled in something so we rubbed her down with sand and rinsed her off. She sure gave Colin the evil eye as she walked away. Unlike Carmeh she does not like the water, unless she is diving for a crab.


Our neighbor John worked almost 12 hours building his sun shade. I think his diligence kept Rene, the Mexican worker going. A lot of work on such a muggy day.

Meanwhile we did as little as possible in the heat. Simply watched the Isla pass us by.

I saw this wagon pass by at least twice. It was filled with palm fronds, lots of repairs happening at the restaurants. At one point 27 shrimp boats were counted.

ATV's, horses, vendors and tourists, it was a great day to stay in the shade sipping a vino blanco. It never did rain but the clouds added to the humidex.

One of the RVers here in RV1 decided to have a spontaneous group dinner.  He provided the shrimp and asked the rest of us to bring something to the table.   We declined for a number of reasons but mostly because we are still not ready to socialize.  We are mostly set up except for the garden, but just need more time to do nothing.  If we were going to go out last night it would have been to the opera.  Il Pagliacci was being performed at the Angel Perrault Theatre and as my Mom had sung with the Edmonton Opera Association for years that is the only event I would have gone to last night had I the energy.

I found this while sorting through her things with my Dad this past October.

She is listed 7th down but her name is misspelled, should be Laurette Dropko.

I found programs of all the operas she has sung in. Dad and I contacted the Edmonton Opera Association and they are supposed to be picking up the programs for their archives.

This is Mom in what I believe was Verdi's La Traviata.

So that is why fellow RVer’s I could not join you for dinner last night.  My heart was elsewhere.

Colin and I were happy to see that you had a wonderful meal.

Despite the interesting clouds we never had a drop of rain.

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  1. marie weber says:

    Great post, today. Just prefect. Thank you for all your effect with this blog. Marie

    • contessa says:

      Marie…..welcome to the blog and many thanks for your comment. I appreciate your thoughts.

      George….we can turn down a happy hour if we need the time off but only if we really need to rest.

  2. We can’t turn down a nice happy hour, thats why we are enjoying this nice quiet campground and very hot weather. Relax and take it easy.
    we are…

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