Nov 05, 2013

VERY stressful day and glad to see the end of the day

We got up early so we would be ready for our new Fantastic Fan install but…. look at Carmeh and we knew we had a problem. What happened to her eye? Did she have a scratch from a bush branch or ????

Our RV repair was scheduled for 9 AM and it was the time the local Q vet opened.  We went for the RV appointment which didn’t start on time and only ended about 10:40AM  👿

So we got our new fan which was supposed to be off white but was very we used the old inside portion so that it blended in with everything else. But why did it take so long?

Meanwhile I was using our Magic Jack to find a vet for Carmeh.

The folks at the RV place told us NOT to go the local vet as he was horrid.  However the other vet recommended was back the other direction in Blythe, California and we might have to wait two hours to see the vet.  Finally with the fan install done we decided to check out the local vet and if not happy then go to Blythe.  We ended up waiting for over an hour in Quartzsite to see the vet who turned out to be over 85 or so he appeared.  He also did not seem to be all there…..but what to so.

So finally at noon we were headed towards Tucson.  Only three hours behind schedule.  The entire drive was a discussion of whether to see another vet and stay another day in the USA or what or perhaps this or that.  Meanwhile Colin just kept driving.  We do not have a USA cell phone and our Canadian phone cost us close to $2.00 per minute but now was the time to spend the money.  All the while Carmeh slept.  I had already called our Canadian vet early in the morning and now about 3 PM I called again.  They agreed that Carmeh should see another vet and have her eye dyed so it could be checked for scratches.  The first vet was not high tech at all.  So then I started calling around ( @ $2.00 per minute ) for a local vet.  First appointment we could get was Wednesday, even on an ER basis.  Now I started calling the 24 hour ER clinics which would see us ASAP but wanted hundreds of dollars.  Money was not the issue but logic and time.

However we had to make a quick stop at Walmart.  While I was in the store Colin walked the girls and observed that Carmeh’s eye seemed a tad better.  We had given her 2 doses of eye antibiotic anointment by then.  To my trained eye it did seem to be working.

So about 6PM local time we decided to proceed with our crossing into Mexico Tuesday AM.  Meanwhile it was getting dark.  I called the RV Park we were staying at and let them know we were coming and asked them to advise John and Val that we were on our way.

We arrived about 6:45PM and with John’s help got parked.  Sadly our slides would not go out, but that was quickly resolved, thankfully by Colin who observed a minor detail.  Then we had a problem with our batteries, problem related to our mobile RV tech in Kelowna. Fotunately the problem was caught in the nick of time and Colin added a little water to our batteries.

All day we only had fruit and one muffin to eat.  We finally had dinner about 9:30PM.  Meanwhile I had mucho mas vino blanco.  It helped a bit.

So we are off at 6:45AM.  John and Val are so accommodating.  They did all they could to keep us going and we did all we could to get them ready for the crossing in the morning.

Meanwhile the Isla seems to have survived Sonia. Thanks for the dramatic shot Deb. The best news of all is that our palapa survived. There were a few casualties but nothing serious.

So we are off on the next leg of our adventure.  Wish us well.  Carmeh seems much better.  The antibiotics are kicking in.

Another 285 mile day for us.......

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8 Responses to “VERY stressful day and glad to see the end of the day”

  1. Jean says:

    I am so glad Carmeh’s eye is getting better, I don’t like taking my dogs to an unknown vet. Good Luck tomorrow, i hope everything goes well for you and your friends.

    • contessa says:

      Jean….it is so tough to travel with our pets as we love them so much.

      Gail….I love you so much…thanks for being there for us. Hope to see you on the Isla soon.

      Kelly & is is so hard. I think we have a handle in this one….not sure for sure but hoping so.

      George…fan is good but still hoping for Carmeh.

      Rod…..SNOW….quick, better hitch up and move on.

  2. Gail Todd says:

    Hi Contessa-
    What kind of antibiotic ointment are you using? I noticed from the photo she had a purulent discharge and a squint. It may be a corneal abrasion (confirmed by staining), or an infection from rubbing an irritated eye. An antibiotic ointment or drop(I like gentamycin, tobramycin, or triple antibiotic)will help. Avoid anything with a steroid as it will slow healing. Use ointment or drops 3 times daily for 10 days-an abrasion may take longer. If the eye worsens or doesn’t improve in the next few days, try a recommended vet in Mazatlan. BTW-I am a veterinarian-getting old, but can’t retire just yet. Otherwise I’d be in Mazatlan as well.

  3. Kelly says:

    Being dog lovers ourselves we can understand the concern & stress of an injury & trying to find a Vet while traveling. And some days just turn out to be almost too much to handle. Best part of those frantically frustrating days is the point where it all comes together in a positive way eventually…one problem at a time. Here’s hoping to better days ahead & little Carmeh will be just fine. Happy days to you all,,,,,,,,,,,AL:))

  4. Good that you got you fan installed and Carmeh is doing better, enjoy the rest of your journey!

  5. Rod Williams says:

    Hopefully the rest of your trip is smoother. We woke up to snow today. 15 more days and we’re out of here!

  6. Dolores tanner says:

    Poor, doggie, hope all gets well and things go smoothly… next day it looked like she was getting better….

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