Nov 04, 2013

Our last day in the USA

Tomorrow we cross into Mexico.  Meanwhile we have a busy day ahead of us.  First the new Fantastic Fan install at an RV dealership here in Quartzsite at 9:00AM and then more shopping.  Yes more shopping.  For us personally just a few fresh fruits and veggies but for others more.  We have received a few last minute requests from the Isla.  We will do the best we can.

The most important thing we did Sunday was redo our Pressure Pro Sensors with new seals and reinstall them to the RV and the tow car tires.  We as many others have had problems with leaking valves this past year.  Pressure Pro finally came out with a new kit that has superior seals which will eliminate the problems of air leaking out of the tires.  Often in the past when having tire work done, the tire guys would tighten the valves too tight, damage the seals and create a leak .  These new sensors will eliminate that problem.  the kit for the RV and the car was only $25.00.

Reinstalling the refit Pressure Pro valves.

Checking the tire pressure including the inside duals. We are good to go. Note the girls supervising.

Our route today works out to 270 miles.

Late in the day we will be meeting up with John and Val at a Passport Amercia Rv Park in Amando not too far North of the Nogales border.  It will be a busy evening getting all our paperwork in order for the crossing.  I have an easy dinner planned.

Our last night in Quartzsite and there I am working on this blog post. Gracias para el photo Colin.

John please note that we have the CB antennae up and are ready to rendezvous.


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  1. Elaine says:

    Safe travels to your winter home..hope all goes smooth 🙂

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