Oct 31, 2013

Frozen slide outs and Las Vegas!!!

We had frozen slide outs Wednesday morning.  While our 2 slides were out the night before and we were sleeping there was a light rain and then some snow and it seems that that was enough to freeze it all up.

The slides came in but the metal piece that wraps around the rolled up slide piece would not wrap up. It was in the frozen straight out frozen position. What to do but boil the kettle and bring it up on the roof.

Colin had to go up 4 times. We had to de thaw the living room slide and then the bedroom slide that you see here.

It was about 30F at 7:00AM. Our creative approach worked and we were driving by 7:30AM.

It had been a snowy night! We had fog for just a short time and then the sun came out.

I received a few comments about staying in Ely and the cold.  We were aware of the situation but we were not willing to drive any further that day.  We really were very cosy inside the RV.  The frozen slides were a first for us.  We have had to break ice off the slide canvas top in the past and have had a sewer hose break into pieces because of the cold but never this particular situation.

As the sun came out we were able to experience nature at her best.

About 100 miles north of Las Vegas the trees are just starting to turn yellow.

It seemed to take forever to arrive in the big city. Not a great shot due to the haze and travelling down I15. That is the speedway on the bottom left.

Once we got to Vegas we managed to pick up 18 cases of wine at Trader Joes and then moved on to a Walmart.  They didn’t have everything I need so we shall have to visit another one tomorrow.  Finally got to Camping World in Henderson about  4:30PM.  We just discovered Wednesday that our Fantastic Fan in the kitchen is not working.  Camping World informed us that the Fantastic Fan company in no longer very fantastic.  It seems that they have been bought out by another company who are not as good at upholding the reputation of the company.  Camping World refused to even look at our problem.  No one carries the parts.  They were willing to sell us a new one but we don’t even know what the problem is.  This may be an issue for us in Mexico as we do use our fans a lot.  We have three of them and may have to exchange the kitchen one with the one in the bedroom.  We have sent out a few SOS’s.

I am becoming more and more enraged with our Verizon service.  I can email out and do the blog today but can’t receive emails. I see a big change in my future re our internet needs.

We spent most of our evening here at Camping World storing and sorting.  This is a great RV as we seem to be able to just keep putting stuff in.  I think we are about maxed out and actually we don’t need anything more.

It is time to just get on with the vacation.  We are in the midst of changing our plans for the next two days so no map as to our destination.  It is a work in progress.


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8 Responses to “Frozen slide outs and Las Vegas!!!”

  1. Sally says:

    18 cases…are you sure you are not driving a three bedroom modular home down the road? Where in the world did you put that? We need another picture.

    • contessa says:

      Sally…..well we do have lots of space in a 40 footer…..

      Al…thanks, will try that tomorrow. Not going to Yuma but if we get desperate we might have to.

      George…strange indeed. Not sure what our problem is yet.

      Gail…welcome to the blog and the comment section. We are coming thru Tuscon but will see how we manage with personal repairs. I would love to see you on the Isla. Let me know when you are ready to travel.

      Dolores….also welcome to the blog and the comment page. We love our girls and they love the heat. We bought the RV for our doxies. Honest we did. You will see lots more photos of the girls in the coming months and hopefully enjoy the ‘ride’.

      Croft….will try the WD 40. I never admitted to the exact number of cases, could be even more.

      Chris….you will have to come visit on the Isla and find out 🙂 Lots of secrets.

  2. Al McClughan says:

    Contessa, just a suggestion about the Fantastic fan, it may or may not be the problem. If the dome opens but the fan isn’t running I found that there is a metal plunger (push button) up there that prevents the fan from running when the dome is closed. When we were in Mexico the plunger seized up due to the salt air. If you take the screen off and feel around up there you may be able to un-seize the plunger by manipulating it. Worked for us!

    Also, I find that some Camping Worlds aren’t that great for help. If you are going through Yuma, I’ve got a suggestion for a good RV repair outfit that you may want to try.


  3. Strange, our Fantastic fan quit yesterday too, gonna check it out today to see if it is fixable.

  4. Gail Todd says:

    Hi Contessa-
    I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time. If you are coming through the Phoenix area, I can highly recommend my favorite RV repair place. It is called KISS RV. They will do mobile repairs and they have a yard at 75th Av. and Hatcher in Peoria. They do good work and are reasonable and honest.
    Someday I hope to bring my rig to Mazatlan-just need to fully retire first.

  5. Dolores tanner says:

    Just found your log and LOVE to see pictures of your doglets… I have one too, her name is Luci, they are little loves and certainly do like to be WARM!!! She traveled with me the year I was in the RV and not a better little traveler anywhere, am looking forward to following along on your trip and see how you DO things, like that curtain behind the driver and passenger chairs.. travel safe!!

  6. Croft says:

    Re: Fantastic Fan – if you can see that plunger switch that Al referred to, try spraying some WD40 on it and operate it a few times. That worked for us.

    Contessa, that is a lot of Two Buck Chuck! Oh yes, it is not two bucks in AZ, only in CA.

  7. chris says:

    Hmm, how do you get all that wine across the border?

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