Oct 30, 2013

We made it to Ely, Nevada

At 7 AM Tuesday morning we were not certain that that was even possible.

The weather advisory was not promising. Colin is all of his wisdom said, let's go for it, they always predict the worse.

The day started out with sun quickly followed by fog patches.

One minute we were blinded by the sun....

...the next cooled by the incoming fog.

The entire day was a game of peak and boo with the sun and the fog.  Much like Caeli…

Earlier in the morning I was looking for her. Finally after my calling her name several times she made a noise....she was hiding under the bed pillows where it was warm. She really did not want to come out of hiding.

As we entered Nevada the mountains showed just a dusting of snow.

So pretty and distant...

Yet as we passed Wells, the snow was so very near. We even experienced a few snow showers.

It was only a 336 mile drive but the girls were soon bored. Carmeh went from me to Colin and back to me and finally settled next to Caeli.

We made very good time today and our first stop in Ely was to the local hardware store, True Value.  Our 10 X 10 gazebo that we have on our site on the Isla was blown away by storms a few months ago.  The only place we could find a replacement in all of Canada and the USA was with True Value.  They had 3 in the warehouse, somewhere back East and had one brought in for us.  So we had it loaded into the RV and off to an RV Park for the night.  We always stay at this park as we have 6 boondocking days ahead of us and this is a good place to dump and fill with fresh water.  Besides it is always cold here at this high elevation and so it is nice to plug in for a night.  We had also used this address for our online purchases, mostly dog food.

22 five pound bags and no they can't be purchased in Mexico.

That long box is the gazebo which will have to travel right where it is for the entire trip. It is 80 inches long and weighs 78 lbs and there is no where else it could possibly go. Those smaller boxes were things for me and a large box of dog toys. Yes Teri, they needed more toys!!

Once we were settled and hooked up we went for a family walk. It was very cool @ 38F.

With fresh snow on the mountains and those heavy clouds we knew we would be in for a very cold night. Colin made sure all of our hoses were put away other than the electric.

Once back inside we all did what made us feel good. Me a glass of wine, Colin his guitar and Carmeh her toys and Caeli, well let the picture tell the story.

She is sitting under a chair ( her dog house ), guarding the dog food ( blue/green bags ) but most important of all she is sitting in front of her own personal heater.

This is a shot with the slideout out and so the gazebo box sits in the middle of the room.  Behind the driver’s chair are but 2 of the 5 cases of  fruit drinks we brought with us.  We are not minimalists.  We like our stuff and when we get to out destination we will just sit and enjoy.  We notice that so many others are never ever there but off somewhere, but then everyone is different.  We go to the Isla and stay on the Isla and just enjoy.

This has taken over 2 hours to write as the Verizon internet link is horrid.  So if it seems disjointed, it probably is.  The temperature is dropping outside but we are toasty warm inside.  On a similar note, Bob of The Caretaker Chronicles asked how we kept warm in the front part of the RV, as we drove.

One of the first things we did when we purchased this RV way back when was to install a curtain behind the driver and passenger seats.

The curtain keeps the heat from the engine heaters right within the cab area.  Also when when travelling in hot climates the curtain keeps the A/C coolness right where we are seated.  Another benefit is that at night we just have to draw the curtain ( it is actually 3 pieces ) across the rod for privacy.  Much easier than dealing with those fussy front window curtains.  By the way the curtain is not all the way to the ground so that the girls can come and go as they wish.

Our plans are in a change pattern but we do still plan on heading to Las Vegas tomorrow.

Not too long of a drive, about 260 miles but we have several errands to run there. Yes folks, more shopping!!

Welcome to the blog, Don from Vernon.  Colin met, not me, as I tend to stay where it is warm, these folks as we were leaving Mountain Home, Idaho Tuesday morning.  The only thing is they were planning to go all the way to Vegas, over 600 miles in one day. They are interested in travelling to Mexico one year and we sure hope that they do.  Meanwhile, Don let us know if you made the trip to Vegas in the one day.  Quite the long day I say.





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11 Responses to “We made it to Ely, Nevada”

  1. Think you gonna need to get that trailer soon.
    Safe travels and have fun in Vegas.

    • contessa says:

      George….we are safe and we are done shopping!!

      Jean….too bad we will be gone by then.

      Teri….So glad you are enjoying your vacation with us. Yes the Isla will warm us all up.

      Ken…..we know but have to work with what the situation is.

      Croft…..I wonder how people can live there year round???

      Linda….perhaps the situation is because of me :))

      Rocmoc…thanks for the info and will keep it in mind. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

      Bob….I knew you like the curtain idea, appeals to your handyman side.

  2. Jean says:

    We has snow when we went through Ely, but the Connor Pass was good, we will be in Henderson the day after you. safe travelling tomorrow.

  3. Teri says:

    Thank goodness you got the girls some more toys, I’ve been worried. 🙂 The photos actually made me shiver a bit, I’ll be so happy to see your Isla photos. Then I’ll feel a little like I’m on vacation too. Safe travels today!

  4. Ken and Margot says:

    In Ely at 6,400ft elevation it is bound to be cold at this time of the year. We have a rule never to go over 3,000ft in our own winter travels for that very reason. But never fear, your next stop Henderson is only 1,350ft and todays forecast is for 18*C so break out the shorts, cold is behind you now. Safe travels. K&M&H

  5. Croft says:

    We usually pass through Ely on the way home in April and it is always cold! In fact there was snow on the ground last time. Yes, it is the altitude.

  6. Linda&Russell says:

    I hope you hit a few more Walmarts along the way – this was on the news today:

    “According to a report released this week by Morgan Stanley Research, there was a global undersupply of about 300 million cases of wine in 2012, the largest deficit recorded in almost 50 years.”

    Glad your trip is going smoothly and we can ride along!!

  7. rocmoc says:

    Holt Shell Station in Gila Bend, AZ has free dump, cheap propane & diesel and is also a good Passport RV Park. Holtshell.com is their site. We have stay there and used their dump. Enjoying your blog!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  8. Bob says:

    Ah. I like the curtain idea. And here I almost didn’t have a chance to check in. The *horror*!

  9. Denise says:

    I was thinking about putting a curtain up in my Class A also.

    Can you tell me what you used as a rod ??

  10. Denise says:

    What did you use as a rod to hold the curtain ?

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