Oct 26, 2013

Blogger blogged out

Well it’s been a long day. The Head blogger got lost  for 5 hours in the cans of tuna, pasta, dog kibble, sauces, paper towels etc. in trying to find spaces to either store or hide items so I wouldn’t say – “what about our tires.”  She is good at hiding things and making it look like there is alot more space.  Last year on the way back we had a thumping tire so I stopped in Quartzite at the main tire shop. This guy comes out with rings in his ear lobes. I swear you could have shot a 22 through the holes in the rings. He says ” where you all go in”    I say ” Canadaaa”  He says ” You go on,   drive straight there and you will have no problems but every once and a while, stop, have your wife get in the drivers seat and turn the steering wheel. If you can see steel chords in your treads, don’t go any farther.”   I asked, ” how fast can I go”  He says, ” doesn’t matter, fast as you want” .  So we thought we should press on but not sure about this. Definitely he was not our technician. We kept thumping along  a couple more hours.  We passed through Havasu and that night we stayed in the BLM lands north of Havasu, towed our car in to a canyon until we could go no farther because it got too narrow and decided time to unhook and hopefully turn around. Wine was consumed. The next morning  15 minutes out of Havasu on 95 north and just before Interstate 40 west we came across a Loves Travel Stop.  I said to Contessa , “maybe we should get them rechecked’.   She said “good idea.”  The guys there said   “you are not going to get out of this state.”   I said,  ” give me the new tires”. Guess what they said , “they can carry more weight”. I said, “Don’t tell my wife”.  Seems that not many people think about the chassis and if it can handle all these cans etc. of weight. If all your stuff fits – good but when the tires buldge, maybe they need more air ? or didn’t you put enough in them?  Maybe we need 2 buses. Last year we had stairs for our rv, a rebounder, a barbacue, a massage table. This year an inversion table, a gazebo to be picked up, a shop vacc., a new larger fridge and I have stopped drinking wine so she can get her quota. ( maybe I will sneek a bit). So, after a long day of packing , I made diner while the maiden slept and before she ate here is her photo. ( all in good fun – heck, we are sort of retired, I think.)

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  1. Yep your chassis could be a bit overloaded, but its stuff that needs to go.Maybe a trailer to put the car in and carry more stuff, kind of a mobile pantry.

  2. Kelly says:

    Yep, we have had that same can problem as well. Canned goods all the way to Arizona & the same canned goods all the way back to Bayfield again. First couple years we had the weight problem of bringing home groovy shaped rocks. At least we don’t do that any more. But the canned goods? Ya they are still in here somewhere hiding away I’ll bet…………..AL:))

    • contessa says:

      Al/Kelly….but we do use all of our stuff, well most if it. It we were in the US we won’t pack nearly half of it. But we are spoilt and want to really enjoy our time away and that includes food.

      George…..we will be fine, we do this every year. We do now have a storage place on the Isla so we will be leaving many things behind.

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