Oct 14, 2013

Mexico and Mazatlan Tidbits

“Do you remember last year and the multitude of problems some people had crossing the Mexican border with various things in their freezers being confiscated?  We have a friend who also RV’s to Mexico and who decided to really check things out.  He called the border people.  The following is what Chuck found out.”
Ok this fish thing had me wondering, so I made a call, the Mexican law for beef has been there for years. It is enforced periodically and depends on where and who inspects you, but it is a law no beef products. Poultry and fish can be crossed as long as it is in a sealed package (zip lock, store packaging etc.) If the inspector is trying to confiscate lawful items ask for the list of prohibited items.
Somebody had a salmon dinner at your friends expense. Like I said first time in all my life I heard about Fish being confiscated.
So don’t worry about your salmon but not so sure about your beef.
Another friend mentioned this link to some things happening in Mazatlan.  An interesting read on things happening there.  And then there is the shrimp season, well under way now.
Shrimp season for Pacific Ocean opens
Posted by  on 14 Sep 13 in Latest News

Beginning at midnight Saturday, September 15th, the 2013-2014 shrimp season for the coastal marine waters of the Pacific Ocean from México’s border with the United States to the border with the Republic of Guatemala, including the Gulf of California, begins.

According to the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries, 902 shrimp trawlers will make up this year’s shrimp fleet. Ricardo Michel Luna, president of the Union Pacific Coastal Ship-owners, said that 530 of those shrimp boats call Mazatlán their home with a total crew of about 4,200 fishermen.

Early projections are estimating a lower catch than that of the 2012-2013 season.

(from El Sol de Mazatlán)


Taken a few weeks ago right in front of Tres Amigos RV Park on the Isla. They counted 21 shrimp boats. Thanks John and Deb for the photo.

Many of you are coming to Mazatlan for the first time.  Actually some of you who have been coming for years might not know about this self guided tour, it is something to be enjoyed by first timers or old timers. We have never done it as created by Sheila, just bits here and there and look forward to walking in her footsteps.  It was created by Sheila Madsen who is the publisher of Mazatlan Life, the online magazine of all you need to know about the que pasa in Mazatlan.

I finally found the perfect weather forecast for Isla de la Piedra.

Enjoy!  Everything is looking better day by day.

Almost forgot this one…..just discovered this site.  An English up to date of what’s happening in Mazatlan.  I have book marked this one.

Another addition, the new Baluarte Bridge between Durango and Mazatlan complete with a short English video and a longer Spanish video.

Looks like this post will keep you busy at your computer for a bit.

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6 Responses to “Mexico and Mazatlan Tidbits”

  1. Janet Ashworth says:

    Thanks again for the great info! I had no idea that all these Canadian musicians performed in Mazatlan! I would love to see Patricia Conroy! I am going to pass this along!
    Getting close, sooo much to do so little time!

    • contessa says:

      Janet…..the big countdown is on. Hope to see you in Vegas or LHC.

      Chris…we don’t eat meat yet my understanding is that the beef in Mexico is excellent.

      Sandy…glad you enjoyed the read.

      George….I think many are ignorant of the border crossing rules.

  2. Chris says:

    If they find your beef they will confiscate it. Now when I bring Salami down for friends, I make sure it says “pork.” Yes, they will even take beef Salami.

  3. Sandy says:

    What fun looking at the links you posted; many I have seen but always a good thing to review some of them. That is a whole bunch of info. Thank you for sharing.

  4. We always check the border crossings to see what we can take, and hope that we can get by , usually no problems for us.

  5. Chris says:

    You are correct, the beef is excellent in Mexico. I was bringing a friend a treat. They found 1 out of 3 of the ones I brought down. Until then I didn’t know you couldn’t have beef (even if it wasn’t the first ingredient). I certainly didn’t volunteer that I had more though. Lesson learned.

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