Oct 10, 2013

Got back late Tuesday…..

…and I haven’t had a moment to spare.  My trip was great and productive but tiring. Then once here I just had to do things like send out invoices as we need the money for our trip south, feed the family ( dogs included ), do laundry and deal with a few tiny but urgent issues.  Colin has resumed his 18 hour days and plans to continue at that pace until we head south.  He did take a few hours over the weekend to put our Mexican flower pots under the house and our patio furniture away.  Nice to have that job out of the way.  I also have to thank him for posting the 2 posts I had pre written before leaving.

Last Friday morning began with dawn reflecting over the lake. Not sure if you can see the mist in the background or the frost on the grass in the foreground.

While in Edmonton I had no internet.  Dad has my old iMac desktop and has internet with Shaw but someone  fixed his computer so all he can so is see my blog and get Google.  Not much I can do with that, not send an email or do a post.  Very frustrating but then I really had no time at all to be online.

My flight to Edmonton was almost delayed due to a Cessna crash. The Kelowna runway was actually shut down for a while as officials tended to the student pilot who fortunately only had minor injuries. Of larger concern was an oil spill. The plane looked crumpled beyond repair.

I was picked up at the airport in Edmonton by a friend from high school.  After a few stops for wine and appies we headed over to another classmates home for a party.

We started with wine and appies and more appies and much more vino. Two new classmates attended this get together and one who did come to our brunch the end of August could not get to this event.

It doesn’t look like a typical school reunion but then we were not a typical school.  We went to the Academie Assomption, a school run by the Sisters of the Assumption.  Some started as early as Grade 2 when the school was private but most here commenced in Grade 7 as I did when the school became part of the Edmonton School System.  The big pull was that it was a French school run by nuns.

Next time we get together there will likely be a few more faces.

Here we are at our grad in 1971. Don't we look fabulous?

We partied for several hours with some leaving after four hours but some of us stayed until 11 PM!  One of the girls lives near my Dad’s and drove me home.  I felt like I was back in high school sneaking in at midnight  😐  More tomorrow about my weekend in Edmonton.

I just received a few photos from last Friday evening and wanted to add them….

The thinkers that we were and still are.

A better camera results in a better group photo.

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