Sep 29, 2013

Sad Sunday

It’s been drizzling wet stuff off and on all day.  Can’t do much outside so it was a day to tackle the inside.  Sadly my closet is full.  Last weekend I had a shock when I opened my closet in the RV and found it half full of my clothes. Mostly business suits and things I don’t wear any longer but obviously when we got back here last spring I ran out of space and I vaguely remember Colin taking the excess to the RV closet.  As you know from our arrival back here end of April to now I have been going full tilt.

Why was my closet full?  I have lost weight and purchased some new items.  However it is rather full because of what I keep in there.

I love this 2 piece teal sequin outfit but we don't do big New Year's Eve functions any longer.

I LOVE my gold and black ball gown complete with crinolines. I danced my best Viennese Waltz in this gown at the Hotel Vancouver many years ago. But it takes up so very very much space. It has been put into that blue bin you see and will go under the house marked evening clothes.

I have two bins under the house of fabulous dancing shoes.  We used to do cruises just to dance and then we attended so very many ballroom dance functions when we lived in Vancouver.  Not to mention all those wonderful evenings with Dal Richards and Orchestra.  Where have the years gone?  When you RV from November to the end of April you don’t do ballroom unless you hang out in Palm Springs.  We have fond memories of our earlier RV years in the RV.  Yes we travelled with ball gowns and tuxedos.  For the past ten years or more we have been spending our winters in Mexico.  My wardrobe and life has changed so very much.  I love my casual light and totally freeing wardrobe but I so mourn my other life.

I managed a fairly decent tango and rumba in this outfit.

So they have been put to rest for a few more years.  There is no way I could get rid of these clothes, they were purchased on our travels, mostly in New York, where we attended theatre, opera and dance clubs.  We had a different life pre RV.  Perhaps when our travelling days are over we can pull out our specials duds and carry on.

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7 Responses to “Sad Sunday”

  1. maria says:

    sounds like you should give dance lessons

    • contessa says:

      Maria…..well we could do some dancing on Isla especially now that my hip is bionic.

      Cheryl…..I just couldn’t part with them. One day I will wear them again, they are all classic styles.

      George….not an option, Mexico is our life right now.

      Teri…that is one of my favorites also. You will love that book. It was so neat meeting the author and getting the after the story scoop.

  2. Cheryl says:

    OMG, those clothes are just gorgeous!

  3. Amazing how our lifestyles change thru the years and we keep changing direction.
    Now you could always not go to Mexico, but don’t think that is a desirable option for you guys at the moment.

  4. Teri says:

    Those dresses are lovely, I really like the gold and black one.

    Just wanted to tell you that I purchased the book Kabul Beauty School. Received it last Friday and hope to have time to read it this week.

  5. Linda&Russell says:

    Now I’ll think of you & Colin every time I watch Dancing With the Stars!! Sounds like an exciting and glamorous life…me….2 left feet. Love the dresses but I’m all for comfort too.

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