Aug 28, 2013


Finally we here in Canada are going to see Bret Michaels new TV show “Rock my RV“.  I had  previously blogged that it would debut in Canada on August 26th but in fact it will be on on August 29th on channel 524 , TVtropolis, which is suppose to be renamed DTour and by this posting may have been renamed.

A before example.

The American Travel Channel TV station will be airing the final epsiode on September 1st where it will be revealed who wins a remodelled RV.  It seems that 15 episodes have been filmed.  I am looking forward to watching some RV remodelling and getting a few ideas.

After the remodel.

So my American RV friends, have you been watching the show.  Is it worth it?

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7 Responses to “BRET MICHAELS and ROCK MY RV”

  1. Looks like a great show, but not a channel we can get with our package.

  2. Ginny says:

    Yes, I watch every week and enjoy it! He seems to stick with the industrial look in most of his remodels. I like the show and he has some good ideas!

  3. George & Suzie says:

    I searched and found channel Dtour is 166 on our receiver, 9 and 930 tonight here.

    Thanks for the tip


    • contessa says:

      George…..166 is the Advanced line up of channels and 524 is the Classic line up of channels whatever that means.

  4. I’m busy trying to catch up on blog posts so I’m really behind because I’m out RVing too. I enjoy watching some of the RV remodel shows but find that most are completely unrealistic and not anything that anyone I know would want.

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