Aug 27, 2013

Time is moving on

The geese are constantly flying and honking or eating.  They are getting ready to head south.  So are we.

Not a great shot as they are in shadow but they are just hanging around getting fat.

In fact we only have 62 sleeps until departure day.  Considering that I am going to be travelling to Edmonton twice to see my father and Colin once to Winnipeg to see his mother that leaves us with only 46 at home days.  Not much at all.

With the fall comes the plans for the winter.

I know many of you are also making plans to head south to Mexico.  From all the emails and contacts I have been making it seems that we will be getting many visitors this winter.  I look forward to meeting you all.  I will be sure that the Isla and Tres Amigos is all ready for your arrival.  I know that some of you will travelling in that direction for the first time and some for the first time in a long while.  You might want to think about signing up to meet a travel buddy.  That way you will have company along the road.  I also suggest travelling with a copy of the Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping by Mike & Terri Church.   Here are some sites you can sign up with.  No one has signed up yet on the first site so perhaps you will be the first.  Don’t worry, there is always someone signing up so keep checking back.




While at the pool this morning doing my exercises I met a lovely young couple.  Irene is originally from Monterrey, Mexico where she was a school teacher.  She met and married Jeff two years ago and now they live near Vancouver in Langley.  Jeff has travelled extensively all over Mexico so we had a great time discussing common cities and beaches.  What a treat for me and to also be able to have a bit of Spanish conversation.  Sadly for them I get to head to Mexico for the winter but they will be staying here in B.C.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation Irene y Jeff. May our paths cross soon in Mexico.

Great news……Dad came home from the hospital today.

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6 Responses to “Time is moving on”

  1. Nice to hear about you Dad, that he is now home.
    Meeting new people is so much fun and especially people heading to where like to go.
    We have no real plans yet other than heading to Arizona and California and many places in between, just wander about the way we enjoy it.
    Soon you be heading south like us.

    • contessa says:

      George…..where ever you go you I know you will be happy

      Jean….lucky you, a few weeks ahead of us but then you always come back a tad earlier.

      Shelagh….what a small world indeed.

  2. Jean says:

    Six weeks today for us, we’re heading to Utah then Arizona and California, no firm plans. Pleased to hear your Dad is out of hospital.

  3. Shelagh says:

    It is a very small world. Irene is my friend and she just quit working at Homesense last week to go to Kwantlen College. i too practice a little español with her. It was fun knowing all the different occasions that are special to Mexico and be able to acknowledge her special days thanks to many people posting on blogs. Irene and I are looking forward to getting our hubbies together and hopefully they will get on as well as we do. thanks for posting the picture, I almost fell of my chair!!!!!3

  4. Irene Rangel O'Brien says:

    Querieda Amiga! It was so nice beyond words to get to met you , you are such a warm lady with so much love for my country and I’m so thankful for that ! Happy Thanksgiving Contessa and Colin !!!

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