Aug 01, 2013

Notes from my inbox

With regard to the Shaw Direct turning off their satellite service to the USA and to Mexico.  This was a reply to a friend and fellow bloggers’ post.

This comment was made just yesterday on July 31/13. This does not look very promising at all. That is exactly what I was told on the telephone by a Shaw representative. "If your service works, lucky you but we will not help fix any problems".

On a much brighter note, longtime reader Gisela sent me this link.  I very seldom do this but this is so very amazing that it is worth you checking this out even for just 30 seconds.  Perhaps because I have always had such a love of the beach and moving water this means so much.  But who knew what that beach, that sand was actually made of.  The web link shows you grains of sand magnified 240 times.  Once you open the site you only need scroll down and realize that you will never view a sandy beach the same again.  At the very end is a 1.5 minute video well worth your time.

Can you believe that this is sand?

This also came into my mail box today.  Once Colin takes a photo the job is not over.  Can you see all the differences?

Before when you do a job and take hundreds of shots you can imagine the computer time involved.

Welcome to August first and the first post from my inbox.  I never know what I am going to blog about.  It just happens.

Now that my wound is healed I am ready for the next step in my rehab.  Sadly our forecast has changed.

I think that it might be too cool to start my pool therapy!!



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4 Responses to “Notes from my inbox”

  1. For us Shaw is not a big deal if it works fine, if not no big deal we can just shut it down, don’t hardly watch tv anyway.
    Personaly I think it will work ,we have never needed support in our 4 years with them. I just set up the dish aim it and it works all over Canada and the USA.

  2. maria says:

    haha I see before Colin came to their neighbourhood they had electricity and after he left they didn”t. With one click he can delete electricity……lovely shots

    • contessa says:

      Maria…..and the road was “repaved”.

      George…we like to get the news while in Mexico.

      Al….we also just move our receiver from the house to the RV. I think out biggest problem will be the need to reboot on occaision but we can do that online now. Sadly we have no control over this issue. It will be what it is.

  3. Al McClughan says:

    Hi Contessa:

    I read a post on a RV forum I subscribe to regarding Shaw’s home away from home plan (now dropped), a Shaw customer lost service in Canada while on the road, Shaw set up two accounts for him, one for him on the road and one at home, he has to switch back and forward. I haven’t had this problem as I don’t have a HAFH plan, I just move the receiver from the house to the RV. My queries to Shaw on the issue of reception in the US have been cordial but they won’t help you if you are down there. Perhaps the issue of not receiving the guide was a simple problem of not aiming the dish properly or having trees in front of the satellite that sends the guide, it’s happened to me a number of times when in “leafy” parks!

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