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Jul 26, 2013

Fire is contained but still burning

We awoke to smoke and haze this morning but thankfully all is going to be alright.  Colin considered it a drill last night, getting ready to leave just in case.  Just in case the winds picked up as they did the year of the big Kelowna fires in 2003.  Many evacuated that year as we […]


Jul 26, 2013


…we have wild fire burning just next to us….Colin is packing and I am blogging….have already moved the car out and are loading the golf cart with essentials. This is serious, the airport has been shut down and in about 45 minutes the helicopters have to stop.  Colin photos on the link below…   Follow […]


Jul 25, 2013

Free book online

Today and tomorrow July 26th, 2013 you can click here and order a free book.  Why not?  This is the book cover. Even if you don’t have a kindle you can download the book onto your computer to read. Thanks to Theresa in Merida Mexico for sharing this on her blog post today. Isn’t the […]


Jul 24, 2013

Crazy, crazy morning!

When Colin left at 8:00AM yesterday I don’t think he thought he would be working until 11PM.  A long day for him and today seems no better. Caeli, our doxie who had the eye surgery last Friday, is allowed to sleep with us at night without her ‘safety’ collar.  It seems that she got up […]


Jul 23, 2013

Hot, Hot, HOT !

The weather prediction is highs over 102F the rest of this week and coming weekend.  Fortunately by 8:30PM we can shut the A/C and enjoy much cooler air.  Last night we had a breeze coming in off the lake which was lovely.  Sadly the heat means forest fires.  So far so good. I felt sorry […]


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