Jul 28, 2013

Que pasa !

What a great morning.  I had a wonderful uninterrupted sleep for the first time in weeks.  So nice not to have to get up every hour.  Maybe that is too much information.  Maybe it’s my meds.  I am feeling much better.  Only 2 more days of the blood thinners plus I am already officially off the morphine.  I hardly take more one than one or two Tylenols per day.

I woke up thinking that today is the halfway mark.  We have been home for 3 months and we leave in 3 months give or take a day here and there.  The last 3 months have been beyond hectic yet no where near as bad as they were last year when we sold our home and built this one.  I was rereading some of my posts from last summer.  Amazing that I survived and never killed any of those trades people.  I still get furious with the ‘cement guys’ each time I look at the poor job they did here on the patio.  But it is what it is.  I know the next few months are going to be jam packed and I have no idea how it will get done but I will just take one day at a time.  I see a few trips fro me to Edmonton to see my Dad once I can fly again and Colin will be flying to Winnipeg to see his Mom who turns 99 in October.

So que pasa?  For those new readers, why is this blog called the 5C’s Que Pasa?  It simply means, what is up, what is happening, what is going on the lives of the 5C’s.  Who are the 5C’s?  All of our names start with a C, Contessa, Colin, Carmeh, Caeli, even our two dogs who have passed, Cloii and Channel.  But who is the 5th C?  Several years ago while wintering in Acapulco Colin rescued a baby parrot and brought it home.  Our plan was to eventually release it but its wing had been clipped back too far.  So we ended up bringing the bird back to Canada with us and she become the 5th C, Cheikka. The photo in the right hand column of the blog is of the 5C’s in Acapulco.


Sadly, three years ago yesterday, there was a traumatic event in my life ( which I still can not tell you about ) and we had to give Cheikka away as we could no longer care for her properly.  Last winter in Mazatlan we got another bird who we called Chiquito but he really wanted to be free and so we had that arranged through an animal rescue group in Mazatlan.  There will always be room for a 5th C in our lives.


Colin had a busy day yesterday.  He started out at 7:00AM to do people/action photography at Predator Ridge Golf  Resort and ended the day at the Mission Hill Winery covering the Gipsy Kings concert, prices start at $110.00 and go up to $245.00.  There was much media on site but Colin was hired directly by the winery and had full access including being right on the stage.

The music was so great that everyone was dancing in place.

Meanwhile I decided to have a night on the town right in my own yard. I planned several fun appetizers  and two different wines to enjoy.  My friend Inger came over and we spent a very fun four hours together.  It was a great way to get over the memory of the trauma of three years ago.  Sadly the photos I took ( maybe it was the wine ) must not be published in order to preserve the friendship   😳

….and that was yesterday’s que pasa!


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5 Responses to “Que pasa !”

  1. Yep, we can’t believe how fast the time is flying by for us as well. We are now past the half way mark of our job here at the campground and if the weather isn’t so nice by mid September we will be closing things up and starting on a new adventure. You must already be planning for your trip south, the time will just continue to fly by I am sure..


    • contessa says:

      Ruth….we are lucky to be able to travel, so many are unable to.

      George…I sure am working at my exercises so I can walk that beach.

      Teri….I don’t doit very often so it was special.

      Colleen..umm the photos were very bad.

  2. Soon time to hit the road again and you will be in awesome shape to do it too.

  3. Teri says:

    I’m so glad you had such a nice evening with your friend!

  4. Glad you had fun with your friend and, preserving the friendship is important. lol

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