Jul 01, 2013

I won’t lie, the past few days have been rough

Colin just figured out how to hook me up to the computer while laying in bed but I am good for only so long so we shall see how this goes.  I just read his posts and your comments.  Thanks for being my support.

I just knew things were not going to go well in the hospital when the one Colin called assistant nurse ( she was an LPN  with a lot to learn ) insisted on my doing knee exercises.  After I got that sorted out with her I then had to explain it was my left side!!  Sigh….I felt bad for the dude in the next bed when she offered him the urinal and he had to explain that he had a catheter.  It got so bad that I asked for the head nurse who never came.  I found out the next day she had not been informed.  So when they decided to keep me another day I said NO.  So finally I am dressed and ready to head out the door when the blood tech comes to take blood.  I asked why and she said that my hemoglobin was low.  I replied that I was going home so it was too late, she insisted.  I hate having my blood taken and now a few days later I will never get those results.

I did go with the spinal but honestly did not like having the injection in my spine.  I felt no numbing at the site as promised and jumped at the needles to calm me.  On the plus side I did not wake up groggy and was more mobile as long as I was on pain meds.  However I did wake up in the OR and have a brief memory of my body being contorted and surrounded by blue cloth.  I did not feel nor hear anything.  Once I finally got home and into my own bed I slept most of Saturday getting up for a lovely meal Colin had prepared and then back to bed. I know I would never have survived this far without Colin’s constant support.  Gracias mi amor.

Colin was at my beck and call all day Sunday.  Bring me this, bring me that, move that over there, I need a pillow here and another pillow under my knee please.  Could you get me some water?  Um, now I have to go and pee.   So then we start the set up all over again.  Whenever Colin walks away he always asks if I need anything else.  Of course I always do, like my book or a kleenex or a pill and so on.  He has been a true angel and I have been horridly cranky mostly due to pain.  That is slowly coming under control now that I can create my own schedule for medication.

Mom is still with us but that is enough for now…..

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13 Responses to “I won’t lie, the past few days have been rough”

  1. Nancy says:

    Take care, amiga. From what I’ve seen with my two friends who had hip replacements in JUne the first five days are the hardest. Try to keep positive and think of those lovely long walks on Isla this winter.

  2. marty says:

    You’ve got the best nurse now, take advantage of him. Ride it out and you’ll be great! If I ever have to have another orthopedic surgery again I will insist on scheduling my own painkillers, they had no clue.

  3. Kelly says:

    Always nice to be home in one’s own most best comfortable surroundings with one’s own most best comfortable care giver….AL:))

  4. inger says:

    hang in there each day will get better, i know,thank goodness for Colin, but i guess thats what we promised each other when we chose one another, take care rest, & dont be to crabby, lo take care

  5. Keep your eyes on the prize. Soon this whole mess will be nothing but a memory. So glad Colin is taking good care of you.

  6. Shelagh says:

    With the beautiful view you have at the lake healing will come easily! Colin and the pups are magic. Take care.


  7. Jean says:

    Glad you are at home Contessa. that’s the best place to heal.

  8. Barbara says:

    Bless you both. Keep your eye on October, and we’ll be there before know it. When you’re sitting on the beach looking back on all this maybe you can laugh at some of it. It does make for some good stories already, but geez!

    Thankfully you have each other. I’m sure, too, the girls were beside them self to have you home.

    Praying your healing is speedy.

  9. Connie in DE says:

    In sickness and in health – bless you both – you have the best medical care now at home with Colin – let him spoil you good! (((HUGS)))

  10. Glad you are home and that things will go much better and smoother there. Hoe you are feeling better quickly and able to get more mobile.

  11. Nice to be home and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  12. Elaine says:

    things will definitely improve now that your home….I suppose the next thing now is therapy?Hopefully they will come to your home…take care xo

  13. Hugh Martell says:

    Sorry I missed you and Colin on July 2 when I passed through the Okanogan. I wish you a most speedy recovery which should be easy with the sincere and loyal support of Colin and your many friends. I’m saddened to hear of your mother’s very recent passing. I lost mine a few year’s ago. It’s a real character builder having to deal with such a loss.

    I will be in touch before long.

    Be well.


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