Jun 19, 2013

Tuesday was yet another busy day.

We have had rain showers, lightening and lots of thunder the past few days.

Still trying to get the list crossed off bit by bit.

That includes bathing all the girls.

Tuesday we had to go to pick up all those special things one needs for surgery. I don't look happy do I?

The red bracelet on my right wrist is to ID a possible blood transfusion during or after surgery.  That itchy irritating thing is with me until I leave the hospital.

Locally we go the the Red Cross to pick up things like raised toilet seats, bed railing frames, a bath seat, crutches, walkers, etc.  You get a request from your MD and then they loan you whatever it is that you need for 3 months at no charge.  Of course they do hope for a donation when you return your items.  Do they have such a program in the US?

So I am in the midst of an huge allergic reaction.  I have been looking for a specific coffee maker for along while but it seem to be only available in the US and they don’t ship to Canada.

So we compromised while out yesterday and bought this one at 50% off.

…then the bells started to ring!  I didn’t drink coffee for years but started last August once again and all of last winter.  BINGO!!  Might that be the cause of my allergic reactions which seem to get worse as the day progresses.  So we looked up coffee allergies online and were shocked to find how very serious it is and that I seem to meet the symptoms.  This is an excellent article but how do I know if it is my problem?  My reaction was so bad that I had to start in on my antihistamines.  but was it the coffee or the strawberries I have had every day for 2 weeks???  So now I am off coffee and in a few days will check out if I have a coffee reaction.  Way to stressful for me to deal with right now.


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9 Responses to “Tuesday was yet another busy day.”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Aw Contessa – I “feel” for you. Are you kidding about the medical supply loan? No, we don’t have that in the U.S. 🙁

    So sorry to hear about your allergic reaction, but my first guess would be strawberries…

    You should have told me about the coffee maker – I would have been glad to ship it to you!

    • contessa says:

      Cheryl…..well there is a thought about buying in the US and reshipping. I wonder how much that would cost. No not kidding, that is a wonderful service here in BC for patients needing help at home. Npw I wonder if they do this all over Canada.

      Jean…it could be one or the other. I wasn’t eating so many strawberries in Mexico that would have caused my reactions. Hard to say.

      Marty…you seem to be able to zero right in on the tiniest of details with your allergies. Good for you. I just drink mine black.

      George….I hope I figure it out soon as I am avoiding so many foods right now it makes it difficult to cook.

      DM….I would rather it be strawberries than coffee. Lots of other fruit choices out there.

  2. Jean says:

    It won’t be long and this will all be behind you (easy for me to say) I hope it is the strawberries, I couldn’t imagine being without my coffee.

  3. Marty says:

    I would die without my coffee. Actually I was reacting when drank my morning coffee. I was putting a whisper of sugar in it along with nonfat dry milk. I read the label on the milk and all it said was “milk.” I belong to a Facebook corn allergy group and they told me that powdered milk is processed with corn. In the US they don’t have to list something as an ingredient if it was used in processing, but wasn’t actually added as an ingredient. So I dropped the powdered milk and use regular-reaction gone, whew! Was really afraid I’d have to give up my Joe!

    I just borrowed Irene’s equipment-she seems to always be using something. Lots of luck on the surgery-this time it’s going to be perfect.

  4. Hope you figure out the allergy stuff.
    And soon after your surgery will be good as new!

  5. DM says:

    Just read your blog. FYI, strawberry allergy is FAR more common than coffee and can last 4 days after one serving of strawberries. They are a mouldy fruit and hold pesticides really well ….thus causing the allergic issues sometimes.

    Good luck.

  6. Croft says:

    Our youngest granddaughter had a severe reaction to strawberries last year but that was after she ate a ton of them. She actually LOOKED like a strawberry for a while! She limits herself to just a few now and there has been no further problems.

    • contessa says:

      Croft…just how much did she eat. Poor thing.

      Longdog 2….hey Colleen, welcome home. Their expressions are so special.

  7. Love the look on the dachsies face. She doesn’t want to be there while her sister looks like she wants in.

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