Jun 09, 2013


Would you like to win an RV?

What are you willing to do to win?

All you have to do to enter the contest is make a 2 minute video explaining why you want to win this RV.

That doesn’t seem too difficult does it?

The contest runs from Monday, June 3 through to Monday, July 15th, so get your cameras rolling.

The grand prize RV is being provided by Camping World Inc., the presenting sponsor of the “Epic RV Giveaway Contest,” as well as the series.

 What series you ask?
Starting May 26, 2013,  Bret Michaels began hosting the reality TV show, Rock My Rv on the U.S. cable network, Travel Channel.
 Sadly we here in Canada do not get to see the TV show but we can still enter to win that RV, well sort of, well not legally anyway, SIGH!!!!
The good news in that the show Rock My RV with Bret Michaels, Canadian Broadcast Premieres, August 26, 2013 on the new 3rd SHAW satellite channel DTOUR.  We will be able to follow classic rock legend Bret Michaels as “he transforms ordinary recreational vehicles into the most miraculous mobile mansions on the road. RV owners are dreaming up their ideal vacations, but they often find their “home on wheels” isn’t capable of making their dream trips come true. That’s where Bret and his design team come in – from transforming a tired 1973 Winnebago family heirloom into a state-of-the-art road warrior, to retrofitting a brand new RV to a tailgating behemoth that blows every other vehicle off the road.  Sounds like a great show to watch”.  So my American friends can be watching that show including tonight, June 9th.  Fortunately we will still be able to see the show but only after all the live stuff is past.
This is the link to enter the contest for your new free RV.  Sadly the rules state that you have to be a legal resident of the US to win.  Perhaps you can think of a way to get around that, like have relative enter for you or an American friend 🙂  There just has to be a way.
Meanwhile for all my American readers out there here is the link to many details and some suggestions on making a winning entry.
Good luck!


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4 Responses to “WIN AN RV”

  1. That will be a great TV show when we can get around to seeing.

    • contessa says:

      George…I think it will be a fun show to watch.

      Roxie Duck….I think you should enter the contest and then sell the RV……that will keep you on the road for years to come. Next time I have something to order I will go through your site. Meanwhile if any of my readers try, let me know.

  2. Wow! A class A, huh? Maybe I should amplify this message, eh!

    I thought first I should enter! Then I thought what if I win? I’d have a class A that gets 6 mpg that I’d be afraid to drive. And THEN I’d have to pay taxes on it, and OH BOY would that ever be a problem.

    You just can’t please some ducks!

    In another topic, someone told me that if, say, a Canadian citizen enters Amazon through my link, then clicks through to Amazon.ca, I still get credit for that transaction. If you use Amazon through another favorite link, by all means continue. But, if your heart isn’t already spoken for … It would be an interesting trial.

  3. This is my link. You know, just for experimentation’s sake. It’s for science!

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