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Jun 29, 2013

Update on Hip ster

Well, Contessa is doing good, walking in the hospital exercising. This hospital is very inefficient. She presses the call nurse buzzer and it takes an hour or more to see someone. Food comes sometimes, always the wrong food. Actually, I had lunch with her yesterday because they brought first the wrong plate, very spicy Indian […]


Jun 27, 2013

Big Day for Gal with Big Heart

Well, she did it. Got it DONE! Already wiggling her toes; dancing will follow soon. Her mom still hanging in there. Photos to follow, in sequence   Ballerina to be The Surgeon  head nurse and his patient. He can hardly wait to start the old buzz saw!   Andddddddd Ta daaaaaaaaaaa !  Shazaam, only took […]


Jun 27, 2013

The day before my surgery

First off, thanks to you all for your comments and emails and phone calls.  Your support through all of this with my Mom has helped me tremendously. I have been on the telephone with Edmonton, almost non stop since I got back here Sunday night.  Family situations and medical situations.  Wednesday morning there was a […]


Jun 26, 2013

My last 2 days with Mom!

Dad and I started Saturday morning on a high note.  We were bringing in Mom’s cat, Angel, right into the hospital to see my mother.  Why not?  Who says we can’t, so we did.  Poor Angel has been so depressed since Mom went into hospital May 15th, not eating, or eating and being sick and mostly […]


Jun 25, 2013

I AM BACK!!!!!

The last four days have been so hectic that I lost track of time.  There have been a few highs and so many lows that I am almost emotioned out.  Is that a word?  Is that possible? My flight from Kelowna to Edmonton last Friday went very well and I was greeted in Edmonton by […]


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