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May 19, 2013

We had us some fun!!

We were invited to a 70th birthday celebration Saturday night.  But first right after the garage sale clean up we went shopping. You are going to have to wait to see what we bought.  All I can say is we bought Mexican art in Kelowna!  The owner goes to Mexico every few months and brings […]


May 18, 2013

Yet another garage sale!

I think today may have been our 3rd in a row but possibly our 4th.  Each time we say never again.  But we have so much neat stuff to sell.  Last May we had tons of stuff which netted us a nice sum.  Most of that was from the packing up of the house as […]


May 17, 2013

Que pasa

It was an eventful evening and night.  The family were called in at 1230AM to say their goodbyes to Mom.  Meanwhile I called the hospital and found out that she was still in Emergency.  I spoke to Mom’s nurse who explained why the family had been called in.  My reply was that for my Mom […]


May 16, 2013


Thirty minutes ago this post was titled……Emergency trip back to Edmonton! Mom was rushed to hospital this morning via ambulance.  I was out till about 1PM seeing my own Dr. so had no idea of the situation until I got home.  I spoke to the ER Dr. who was not optimistic.  Tests were being performed, […]


May 15, 2013

It was a whirlwind…

….of a visit.  So much done in so little time. First I would like to thank Colin for surprising me and you with yesterdays blog post.  I can’t believe he got 10 comments. I chose to use wheelchair service at both airports coming and going and I am so very glad I did.  I would […]


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