May 31, 2013

Repair week…..

So far this week we got the water softener back to perfect working condition with no sulphur odor.  A fellow came out to show me why I was having problems with the fabric softner in our new washer.  All I can say is ” not my fault”.  Colin figured out where to put the printer giving us more office space and where we can both use it via the airport system we have.  I also picked up my repaired eyeglasses a few days ago.

The roof guys finished late Thursday afternoon.  I am not looking forward to seeing the bill.  At the same time they took out the bottom and middle windows of one panel.  It had both a leak within the panes of glass and the moulding had a ‘smile type’ of a curve.  It worked! Fortunately the windows in the sunroom are under warranty and this new repair fellow will have to get permission to repair the rest.  Sadly we are responsible for the roof repairs as the sunroom company closed down after the owner died this past December. A tough situation for  new homeowners like us.

It may be a bit difficult to see but the horizontal bar above the bottom window does have a bit of a smile. Some of the windows are worse than others. The concern is that the weight of the top window will crack the lower one.

So they took the glass out of this window, the bottom and middle sections but not the very top of the window. Once they worked their magic the smile was gone. Now we wait for the window company to authorize the other five that need to be de - smiled.

Colin is so impressed with this company that he is going to give this guy a shot at repairing the ever leaking basement.  That problem if you recall comes from when the cement was poured  last spring and they simply blew it and created a slope with a dip at the end that leads right under the house.

Found out that a few things like our Pressure Pro tire kit was sent to our old address of #315 versus the correct one of #319 which I had given them!!  Ena…you might want to check where you mailed my card to?  I wonder if that is where some of our receivables have gone to?  People tend to use what they have input their computers instead of reading the invoice.

I have not been able to find 3 inch high house numbers for our address so I gave in and ordered online from the US.  I really love shopping online from south of the border.

The rain chain permanent install should be completed by end of day today.  And I will be good to go by end of day today after my final medical appointment.  Well almost.

One final repair to mention.  My neighbour Diane also needs a new left hip.  In fact we both were at the Dr’s on May 1st.  Same office but different MD’s.  She just found out late Thursday that her surgery has been bumped up to this Monday June 3rd.  Now that is fast service.  I can’t even get a return call as to when my surgery ‘might’ be!

Had a wee visit from this beautiful creature yesterday afternoon.

Mom staying stable but Dad now reacting to all the stress.  He is scheduled for more heart tests mid June.  He is managing but at least he has a break from being Mom’s caregiver.

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  1. Elaine says:

    wow I thought I had alot on my plate…nothing compare to you my dear..

  2. Cheryl says:

    Ah, home repairs. I hope you get your surgery date quickly and your mom and dad improve…

  3. Hmm yeah, home repairs. So glad we don’t have those issues anymore.
    Good luck with yours.

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