May 24, 2013

Que Pasa

My life is never ordinary.  Take the last few days.  Those who know me well will attest to the fact that drama is always a part of my life.

We have had the roof of the sun room checked and according to this new company the original builder made some errors so we will have to foot the bill for the repair work.  We have no choice.  Not only is the roof leaking, we have yet more water under the house so none of the repair work we have done since being back home has worked.  Hopefully they will be able to do the repairs this afternoon as we have a week of rain ion the forecast.

Fortunately I have been able to save us a bit of money here and here.  I called UPS to ask for 50% off my bill ($60.15 ) that was delayed due to their error when I sent all our tax information to our accountant the end of April.  Instead UPS gave me a full refund.  Now that was very nice.

While in Mexico we still have propane delivered to the house to keep the furnace running on low. I questioned this new Hazmat fee of $15.00 on each delivery.

...and received a credit of $168.00. It should not have been added to our bill. So it pays to keep an eye on your paperwork.

Do you know what is in your honey?  I mean the eating kind.  Kevin and Ruth from Travels with Kevin and Ruth discovered that it is almost impossible to get 100% pure honey.  Click here for the link to their blog post with all the details.

Good news for the animals in Mazatlan.  There is now an acupuncturist who will give treatments to pets starting this winter.  Our oldest doxie Carmeh had seriously hurt her back several years back and was almost paralysed in her back legs.  A local vet here in Kelowna saved her with acupuncture.  Nice to now have that option in Mazatlan.

I am still getting a lot of spam but now a lot of if is in French!  Very strange.

I meant to tell you that it is obvious I don’t get around much.  When I went to Edmonton last week I could not figure out how to use the hand dryers in the airport washrooms.  You have to stick your hands into a straight down slot.  Looks weird but it worked.

That leads me to an update on my Mom.  She is in day 9 of her hospital stay and the pneumonia is clearing up.  Both her and Dad think she is going home.  I can’t even begin to think about that.

Yes Connie that is one of the new art pieces you saw in the last photo in yesterdays post.  We really had no idea what to put on that wall.  We think this piece of original iron work is perfect.  Of course it also depicts our love of parrots.

It is about 5 feet high by 3.5 feet wide.

We have sun today ( perfect weather for roof repairs ) and Caeli ( she is on the bottom left on the patio ) was out there checking the rocks.  The geese swam right over to see her.

They just looked at each other.

Stayed tuned for a guest post any day now about travelling to the USA.


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5 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. Drama, yep thats Contessa.
    I guess we lead such a simple life here.
    Good luck with the roof repairs.
    Oh by the way the iron work looks awesome!

  2. marty says:

    We only buy a local producer’s honey-you can’t trust anything in the supermarket. I grilled them extensively about what they supplemented the bees with in the winter. I got her word it was only honey, they do not believe in anything else, not even cane sugar.

    • contessa says:

      Marty… least you have someone you can get the honey from.

      Renee…..Happy 50th twin! How neat is that.

      Connie….Happy to make you laugh. Glad you like the our wall art.

      Kevin..sorry about that Ruth!

  3. Connie in PA says:

    Your choice of parrot iron work on the wall – perfect! Your view of geese on the lake – perfect, too! Had to laugh at your third sentence – guess I’ll have to call you DQ like I do our graduating granddaughter – what a Drama Queen!!!

  4. Just a slight correction in your wording about the honey, Kevin didn’t say that it almost impossible to get 100% honey but that it almost impossible to tell if the honey is 100% pure.

    Hope you can get your repairs done before the rain falls again.

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