May 21, 2013

Weather warnings…

…here in Kelowna and the Okanagan in general we are in the midst of severe thunderstorms and record amounts of  falling rain.  We haven’t seen the high winds nor the hail yet but I suspect we will soon.

This is an alert to the potential development of severe thunderstorms with large hail and damaging winds. The rain is predicted to continue until midnight.

The rain chain is not keeping up.  Good news is that we have a second one to install but it only came today.  The girls are each hiding in two different areas of house.  It is their first big thunderstorm here.  I can’t find Carmeh’s thundershirt and I think in might be in the RV.  Just waiting for Colin to get home.

Lots of water.

It is snowing once again on the Coquihalla HIghway and the storm drain in front of the house is under water.

No Mom update other than she had the test this morning but no results yet.

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4 Responses to “Weather warnings…”

  1. We are have severe thunderstorm warning here all day, but nothing, not much wind and no rain?
    Will take it, so the weather guesser is wrong again.

    • contessa says:

      George…..well we now have some leaks!

      Cheryl….it could be way worse.

      Marty….I think this storm is from Washington state.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Yikes – stay safe!

  3. marty says:

    Supposed to be nice here for a couple days then more rain. We’ll probably get what’s left of your storm.

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