May 20, 2013

It was an active Sunday

We had a to do list for the weekend but most of the things that we did were not on that list.

Colin wanted to finally get our pictures put up. As we have limited wall space we had to carefully choose which ones were going to be put up.

Once we decided which picture went were he had to make some meticulous calculations so that the final effect was perfect. While he was doing that I caught up on my mending. No sooner had I repaired the yellow toy in Carmeh's mouth that I noticed she had another toy just waiting for me to mend! She loves to pull all that fluffy stuffing out.

Once we finished inside we went out and did a few jobs in the yard.  We brought 150 feet of warm white rope lights back from Yuma.  I had found a deal online for $65.00.  We also put up our solar lights and the yard did look nice last night.  I am trying to keep it simple this year and decided to take out my one flower garden ( I had 7 in the other yard ) and not put in roses.  Instead soil and weeds were removed and we are waiting for our landscaper to bring in a load of Oyama shale.

Meanwhile I could not wait so we placed some of our stuff in that area. It actually looks pretty good so once we have the shale in place we will properly position everything and add some interesting stones.

We have boxes of shells from wherever we have travelled in Mexico and I put this little centre piece together for our patio table. Usually I just leave the bowl empty. The bowl is from Acapulco, the gravel type sand from San Carlos and the shells from four different beaches.

Meanwhile the girls hunted for snakes in the rocks.

Mom Update:  She is still 50/50 but hanging in.  She can now have liquid foods and jello ( how nutritious ! ).  She is still bleeding from her right lung and tomorrow they will do a special test to check that out.


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6 Responses to “It was an active Sunday”

  1. Connie in Pa says:

    It looks nice, Contessa – I’m with you on keeping it simple – that’s what I’ve been doing as far as the outside landscaping work – less is more in my book! Prayers for your mom and your family!

    • contessa says:

      Connie….thanks you! Don’t forget, I have my garden on the Isla.

      Longdog…..can’t stop them but we watch closely. I think they are only garter snakes.

      Peter…how sweet of you. Thanks.

      Jean….a small yard is easy to handle. The past 5 years we have had 2 yards, glad we only have the one now. Mom is a strong one.

      George…have to agree with you.

  2. longdog2 says:

    Your yard looks great. Glad your Mom is doing a little better. Hunting snakes??????? No, no, no.

  3. Peter says:

    Love your pad.
    Love your pups.
    Love the strength of your Mom.


  4. Jean says:

    Your house and yard look so nice, glad your Mum is holding her own.

  5. The yard is looking better much less work that way.
    Glad mom is hanging in there for you.

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