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Apr 23, 2013

Cleaning up and a lovely surprise!

Monday was spent cleaning up the crap mess.  The park did send two young guys in to do the dirty work but Colin not only supervised but made them power wash our area once the initial pick up was completed.  He also did many chores outside with the main one being to unpack the shed […]


Apr 22, 2013

Crap and a shared bath

This entire return home has been full of firsts for us. Another first was the decision to unload the entire RV on the inside other than pots and pans, etc.  All the food was coming out.  We have used the beach site for the RV storage and we would often weekend in the RV even […]


Apr 21, 2013

We almost never got back home

There was no problem in crossing back into Canada on Friday morning.  The new question at the border was giving her our license plate information and where it was registered.  The usual how much did you spend and how long were you away and how much alcohol.  I admitted to having one extra bottle and […]


Apr 19, 2013

Last night in the USA and they want to take our RV away.

When I write miles here I do mean miles and not KMs.  We imported our RV from the US and it registers miles on the odometer. We had no problems on the road and are about to leave Marysville this morning for a run to the border.  We have a 10AM appointment for our annual […]


Apr 18, 2013

I found spring today!!

Wednesday started out at 30F  ( -1C ) outside and 44F (6C ) inside.  Really not a great way to start the day but it did get better, eventually.  Turns out that the 2 new heaters both stopped working this morning once we turned on the generator and plugged them in. Raley’s cheerfully refunded our […]


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