Apr 30, 2013

Follow up…

...what a huge family. Twelve little ones. For sure no egg addling going on on Duck Lake.

I spent countless hours on the phone with UPS on Monday.  It seems that all of our tax information went missing!!  Our accountant called and said he had received nothing!  I called UPS and then the games began.  As I sweated thru the process I was contemplating what would happen.  All the original information was in the one package.  Finally the package was located at the depot inKelowna.  It never left the building. Our tax information was received by our accountant in Vancouver at 7:40AM today and our personal taxes have been done and paid!  That was very close as today is the personal tax deadline here in Canada.  Our personal taxes are closely linked to our company year end so they have to be completed together but we have another month to finalize the company tax.

Meanwhile I decided to modernize and start doing our provincial and federal monthly tax online.  I finally got the PST up and running but I am still struggling with setting up the GST.  We have a tax number so I don’t know why I have to go thru all of the Social Insurance garbage.  I have used up all my patience for a Monday.  Wow and I get to do these things for the rest of the week.  What fun I am having. Not.

We don't look like this anymore.

The highway we came home on was totally shut down for a while, still getting snow storms.  Seems like everyone is getting snow or rain showers.

It was too cold in November to finish putting in our wind turbines so Rick chose yesterday to complete the task.

He thought it was much warmer that it was in November.

I don't. We were only 10C today yet it is suppose to be 24C on Saturday!!

I ended up at the walk in clinic again Monday afternoon.  Still red and itchy.  My local massage lady refused to touch me as she did not want to stir up the histamines.  The DR. offered little hope of discovering the cause and suggested a diet of potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.  Yeah right!  I used aloe vera last night which did help some, not as good as right out of my garden on the Isla though.  The good news is that I have been referred for allergy testing and they can see me as early as September!  I am still taking my two prescription antihistamines.

I did have allergies as a child and had to get shots every week.  However I believe it was more pollen and pet types of allergies.  I well be checking with you in a few days Mom, so think about it.  By the way I only got the message that you had called me on Saturday, yesterday, 48 hours later.  Colin is not exactly into the working mode yet, can’t even take a message.

We woke up this morning to snow in the lower valley.

So ends April, let’s see what May will bring.

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4 Responses to “Follow up…”

  1. marty says:

    Snowing here, too. Happy May day! Supposed to warm up starting tomorrow, which is good I’m tired of freezing my garters off watching baseball and softball.

    September, really?

    • contessa says:

      Nothing we can do about the weather. It is what it is, so I guess we just take it as it comes and enjoy the heck out of those warmer days.

  2. Peter says:

    A great spring day here in Langley, BC.
    Chin up C&C it will warm up soon!

  3. The weather will turn around soon for you, we much better here now.

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