Apr 28, 2013

5C’s Que Pasa

We haven’t stopped since we got back a week ago.

Wednesday I had the veins injected in my right leg and on Thursday I had the left leg done. I didn't get my veins attended to last year as we were busy with selling our home and building a new one.. I have to do this for 3 weeks in a row. Wearing the compression stocking is not fun but worth it to have legs cleared of veins and spider veins. Our medical system covers all but $50.00 per treatment so $300.00 in total is a fair price to pay.

One of the first things you have to do after having the veins injected is to put on a full leg compression stocking and walk for 30 minutes. This is to circulate the chemical through the veins. There is a nice little park with a walk along a marsh and I usually do my walk there. It was a nice day though chilly, I was still shivering with my sweater on. I thought how nice it was that this fellow could still give his dog a walk.

I never saw one goose, I guess the egg addling program is working.

This walk is a great way to take my mind off all the to do's even if it is only a short walk. I couldn't tell if these ducks had a nest or not.

The RV finally got put into the storage compound. It is not far and we can easily access anything we have forgotten or need to return to the RV. The golf cart is perfect for carrying things back and forth.

The Ajijic area of Mexico produces wonderful berries but we never see them in Mazatlan, they are shipped to Canada. I will have to enjoy them here.

Now as to the tick situation.  I really had expected more of a laugh rather than a serious response.  I suspect that one of the girls brought the tick inside on their body and into our bed where we cuddle at night.  As the girls are on preventative tick meds the tick could have been killed or was dying and ended up tucked inside my belly button!  Or I might have picked it up trying on clothes last week in the US but that is unlikely. The tick was not fat so it was not full of blood.  I have picked ticks off of Colin and the girls over the years and I was not alarmed. I just didn’t like it in my navel.  I did check with Dr. Goggle and I do not believe that any of my symptoms are related to Lyme disease.

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4 Responses to “5C’s Que Pasa”

  1. Peter says:

    Lovely legs!!!

  2. inger says:

    Iwas going to ph. this mor. ,to see if you get our local papper, a big article in it about TICKS if you don’t i have it here, very interesting. take care

  3. Looks like getting all settled in and the weather is warming up for you.

  4. Connie in PA says:

    Contessa, my daughter and I had the laser vein treatment done on our legs a few years ago. We both agreed it was the best thing we had ever done – no more vein/leg problems. Our doctor told us to eat pineapple before surgery to keep our legs from turning black and blue and that did work. Wearing the compression stockings was not fun but well worth it in the end! Good luck with yours!

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