Apr 04, 2013

Who knew about Wednesday?

We didn’t!  Well we knew a small part of it!

We knew that Vinicio Camacho, another guitar maestro from Culiacan and his new bride, Anaid, were coming to visit for two days.  We knew that they wanted Colin to take a few photos of them.

What we did not know was that…

...they were going to be wearing their wedding clothes!

They had even purchased a fresh flower bouquet for the bride. Once they changed inside our RV it was time to go across the road to the new botanical gardens.

Colin did as many poses as he could. The bugs were coming out and the light was fading. Can you see the dark patch on Colin's back, he was perspiring. Glad we weren't in the wedding dress and suit. The wedding scene moved from the Amaitlan Gardens to the beach. I will show you a few photos in the days to come. Everyone on the beach was excited and taking photos of the couple. Meanwhile Mother Nature outdid herself and gave us the very best sunset we have had in weeks. Of course I had a bottle of champagne and the appropriate glasses on hand.

By dark we were all muy cansado y hambre ( tired and hungry ).  So we fed the girls and headed out to Mazatlan. It was much later than we had expected, Colin and I thought we would be heading out to an early dinner about 5:30PM.  As it was, we only  got the the Plazuela Machado about 8:30PM.

None of has had ever eaten at Topolo's, a popular restaurant so that was our choice. While the waiter made us a custom salsa table side we seemed to talk and talk and talk. Anaid speaks very little if any English but she understands a certain amount and with Vinicio translating the few works or thoughts we couldn't express in Spanish it seemed as if we were all on the same page language wise.

Colin and Vinicio have known each other for several years, in fact Colin has been a part of the Culiacan Guitar Festival for more years than Vinicio. Vinicio is currently the President of the Cultural Foundation of the Guitar. This is the group that organizes the annual International Guitar Festival in Culiacan.

We all ordered something different and each meal was perfect as were the mango margaritas.

There was a very good sax player and Colin and I just couldn't resist a wee dance.

This photo does not do the restaurant justice but it has an open area in the middle with huge trees growing right up to the sky.

A quick visit with a pair of doxies in the middle of the Plazuela. I just had to pick one up for a quick kiss. I wish I had had more time to speak with the owner. Maybe I will see him again as he lives in the area. Perhaps next winter.

It was sad to say adios to my new amigos but we will see them again. It was a great evening.

We didn’t get back the RV until sometime after 11:00PM.  I was so tired so I just hugged the girls, brushed my teeth and went to bed.  Thursday promises to be another full day.  I thought we were suppose to be packing up??

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5 Responses to “Who knew about Wednesday?”

  1. Rob says:

    Perhaps you should just stay through the summer and blog for us;)

    • contessa says:

      Rob…great idea…please deposit money in my bank account.

      George…..we have to get back home…we have no pesos left!!!

      Zoe….we just loved it there. John was lucky!!

      Cheryl…it was a magical day and they are a lovely couple who now want to become RVers!

  2. No need to hurry when you are having too much fun.

  3. zoe Jussel says:

    Topolo’s was always a favorite “special” spot when we lived there. At night, with the lights and colors, it is beautiful and romantic. I know there are several new spots that are eliciting positive comments these days, too. Once when we were there, a coconut fell from one of the patio trees and missed John by mere inches. LOL

  4. Cheryl says:

    What a beautiful and magical day – loved all the photos! 🙂

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