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Apr 30, 2013

Follow up…

I spent countless hours on the phone with UPS on Monday.  It seems that all of our tax information went missing!!  Our accountant called and said he had received nothing!  I called UPS and then the games began.  As I sweated thru the process I was contemplating what would happen.  All the original information was […]


Apr 29, 2013

Never had hives before !

Before I start….this is NOT tick related. Colin spent the weekend sorting and tidying and putting our house back together.  I finally emptied 5 boxes and got my desk organized.  Of course I have a stack of work to do but I will be sitting at an organized desk. I can sit at my desk […]


Apr 28, 2013

5C’s Que Pasa

We haven’t stopped since we got back a week ago. Now as to the tick situation.  I really had expected more of a laugh rather than a serious response.  I suspect that one of the girls brought the tick inside on their body and into our bed where we cuddle at night.  As the girls […]


Apr 26, 2013

Please don’t laugh….

…it really is very serious or could have been. I found a tick embedded in my navel yesterday and Colin had to extract it.


Apr 24, 2013

The to do’s continue….

We just found out that our friend Elmer is going to sell his lot here at Holiday Park so the push is on for us to get the RV into storage.  After a very successful morning of sales calls Colin headed over to do the dumping and exterior cleaning of the RV.  We can do […]


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