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Mar 20, 2013


There are three HSBC banks here in Mazatlan and we will go to one in the next few days to try our ATM cards once again.  Thinking back I believe that over the years we have only used an HSBC ATM and that was mostly by accident. Meanwhile I have called our CIBC VISA people […]


Mar 19, 2013


Yesterday we went into town for a few things which I will relate in another post.  One thing we needed to do was get some pesos as we are almost on empty.  We have not used an ATM machine here in Mazatlan since the end of January.  We went to a bank in Centro to […]


Mar 18, 2013

Long weekend in Mexico

Today everyone has the day off in celebration of the birthday of Benito Juárez García, the first indigenous President of Mexico.  The weather was warm for the most part and it was a fun beach type of weekend.  Lots of action and just fun to sit and watch the world go by. Do you remember last […]


Mar 15, 2013

Ships, shrimp and sunset

Looks like it is becoming more official. The cruise ships are coming back to Mazatlan. Both Holland America and Norwegian cruise lines plan at least 10 arrivals by the end of 2013 and between 25 – 30 arrivals over the  first half of 2014. So now you can drive/RV here, fly here and now […]


Mar 14, 2013

TRAVEL PLANS and stuff

….yikes…..53 spam comments….thanks goodness…WORD PRESS caught them all….but still!!! Great news….THE CRUISE SHIPS ARE COMING BACK to Mazatlan……details here. We have decided our future and yes it is cast in stone….well unless the RV breaks down or the road closes down…all the things the happened to us last April.  No way do I want to […]


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