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Mar 25, 2013

The countdown is on!

We leave in exactly 14 days.!  SIGH!! But in the meantime we are having a fabulous time.  As I had mentioned before, we really had wanted to experience Semana Santa and we are.  Yesterday, Sunday, had to be described as a perfect day. Never ever a dull moment here on the Isla.  Today of course […]


Mar 24, 2013


Crash!! Pound!!! Slap!!!  Slap? That was enough to get me out of bed!  High tide very early  ( well for me ) Saturday morning! Apparently nor had many others.  Yes it was a high tide but someone mentioned a storm surge.  We have no idea if it was.  Look at the log in the above […]


Mar 23, 2013

Que Pasa?

About 9:30PM an RV pulls in.  They had no idea that there was an RV park down the road. This couple have been on the road for three months, from San Francisco right to the tip of Panama.  Nine countries in 3 months.  They boondocked most of the way and as David said he has […]


Mar 22, 2013

What the heck/Semana Santa

Palapas are being built and remodelled. The entire community is in a beehive of activity.  This is the opportunity to make a lot of money over the next few weeks.  We are seeing new vendors on the beach selling beach umbrellas, candy, different clothes and toys.  A surfboard rental area has been set up.  Likely […]


Mar 20, 2013

Amazing Race

Monday we went into town and felt like we were on a leg of the TV show Amazing Race!  From having to jump into the panga as it drifted away from the pier to trying to communicate with a non responsive pulmonia driver!  I was on a mission to track down Carmen, a modista ( […]


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