Mar 26, 2013

What happened Monday ?

We were suppose to have a massage today but Casa Maria had a wee cold so no go!!  So Colin decided to take the girls into our Mazatlan vet to get their anal glands expressed, much much cheaper than in Canada.

I stayed here and he took the girls in on his own. Carmeh escaped and ran up and down the panga!

Fortunately our amiga Mary was on the same panga and took over the care of Caeli.

Seems that the pulmonia ride was a bit breezy. Love that hair do Colin!!!

So while they were away I spent the majority of the day at the computer.  We usually order a bunch of stuff ( dog things, certain cleaning products, shoes, who knows what ) from this end to pick up in the US on our way home and we do the reverse in the spring.  Dog food is the one big thing we order as we save mucho mas pesos that way.

Somehow between leaving here and coming back on this panga Colin lost Caeli's pink diamond collar and dusty rose leash! He said it must have fallen out of his pocket.

Here on the Isla we tend to let our girls go naked….no collars or leashes.  For as long as we have had doxies, always two girls, we have had pink and green.  Well you can’t get those colours anymore so I ordered something close.  We shall see what it looks like a a few weeks.  I am having all my purchases sent to an RV park in Winterhaven, California.  We are there only the one night so I have to be sure I order things not too far ahead but not too late either.

Not much change on the beach today.  However the word on the Isla is ‘watch out’.  Lots of people are coming.  We have had 2 more RV’s arrive in the last 24 hours.  Front row in RV1 is 2/3 full.  The B.C. couple who came in today ( from Melaque ) mentioned they noticed many Nationals on the road.  We also have a Mexican in a Class C from Durango.  He did use the new road for as much as he could and saved 1.5 hours driving time.  There  are only 3 toll booths open.

The weather continues to be perfect.  Life is great.


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  1. Peter says:

    Nothing like a good bum squeeze eh, pups!

  2. Getting the last minute stuff out of the way is good.

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