Mar 24, 2013




Slap!!!  Slap?

That was enough to get me out of bed!  High tide very early  ( well for me ) Saturday morning!

That was the surf slapping at our wall. I have never seen the waves crash so high up here on the Isla ever before.

Apparently nor had many others.  Yes it was a high tide but someone mentioned a storm surge.  We have no idea if it was.  Look at the log in the above photo, already before high tide it has been pushed closer to our wall.  If you look at yesterdays photos you will see where it sat at high tide at sunset, where it has been for many months until now.

These photos were shot from the front window, no way was I going out at 6:15AM.

But the surfers were out, just heading south towards the front of RV2 where the waves were even higher.  Noreste, the Mazatlan newspaper got here about 7:20AM to get some shots but the waves were a tad lower.

What happened to the beach Caeli wonders? You can see how far that log was moved. It use to be beside that tall piece of driftwood. Sadly many of the stick palapas built for Semana Santa were destroyed in the wave surges.

These two kayakers were very brave.

Very high waves the further down the beach you walked. Can you see the surfers at the bottom of the wave?

This one had a good ride.

Our beach was eroded, giving it an interesting scalloped effect.

I was expecting many more beach goers.  For the first day of the holiday there were very few people.  Hopefully more will still be coming.  Someone told me that the Isla gets over 5000 people per day during this time of year!!

These brave souls really wanted their 50 peso banana boat ride. They tried 3 times before they got underway. There is one fellow trying to get the banana boat out, he is pushing it from behind.

In the end it took this entire group of people to get the banana boat up and over the crest of the waves....

They crashed and overturned three times before finally hooking up with the speed boat. I would say that they got their pesos worth!

While I enjoyed the beach Saturday, Colin was in Mazatlan having breakfast with Rodolfo Perez, another maestro from Culican.  Rodolfo has just recorded a CD and wanted Colin to take his photo with his guitar for the CD cover.  So he drove here to meet up with Colin.

They never got back to the Isla until about 3:30PM and promptly started checking out the photo shots.

Meanwhile I was back watching the beach action. Seems like the military are patrolling the beaches for Semana Santa including the Marines. To the left and middle of the photo in the navy shirt is a marine carrying a thick baton, the guy in the middle is carrying flippers and the fellow on the end had a life preserver! The female marine who is also carrying a baton but smaller and in white followed the three men from several feet behind. Well at least they have female marines!

Once the photo session was over the music lesson resumed. It seems that while waiting for the light to change for a specific photo pose, a guitar lesson took place in Mazatlan at Macaws Restaurant much to the delight of the other patrons.

The music didn't wind down till almost 5:30PM. Rodolfo had to still drive back to Culiacan. Adios amigo. Colin drove him back to the Isla embarcadero where he actually had to wait for a panga, there was a bit of a line. Fortunately he had been able to leave his car on the Mazatalan side of the channel at the embarcadero.

The only sad thing is that I had been promised dinner and margaritas out at an Isla restaurant but music and photography took up all the time.  I may be reduced to making myself my own margarita later today!  Yesterday was a long day but so very much fun!

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  1. Maybe a long day but surely interesting and warm weather too.

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