Mar 23, 2013

Que Pasa?

Thursday we went for a delicious late lunch/ early dinner here on the Isla at El Velero . The meal was delicious as was the rest of the evening. We came back to our wee casa and talked and talked and we even broke out the champagne.

About 9:30PM an RV pulls in.  They had no idea that there was an RV park down the road.

This is a 1966 Airstream.

This couple have been on the road for three months, from San Francisco right to the tip of Panama.  Nine countries in 3 months.  They boondocked most of the way and as David said he has a nose for finding the perfect spot.  So how did they found us?  Well they just followed a road that looked promising…in the dark!!

David, Jennifer and Tasmin. A wonderful couple who were only here a few hours. They were catching the Baja Ferry to Cabo on Friday afternoon. We sure hope to meet up with them another day.

After a brief visit with them Colin and I headed into Mazatlan.  We had a plan.

Well most important of all is that we got some money!!  Woohoo!  The ATM fed us.  HSBC Banco of course.  Now that we had pesos it was time to shop.

One of my ( not so much Colin ) favorite places in the Golden Zone is Michaels Gallery. You can buy just about any treasure you are looking for. We actually spotted some vases and a lovely painting that would look great in our new home but we decided to finish the house first before adding accessories. There will always be next year.

Spotted this pulmonia all dressed up for Easter.

We then headed to Mega, a very large store that has almost everything you might need. This is only our second visit this season as we usually can get what we need on the Isla. Because I was looking I even found gluten free crackers, cereal, pasta and TVP.

By then we were ( well I was ) tired. We filled the back of the pulmonia, the front seat and had other bags beside us. Not sure how we ended up with so much stuff. We actually had to tip a boy to help us carry it onto the panga. I might need to go back and get more pesos before we leave!

Just about sunset we noticed the waves coming in and how high the tide was.

The surfers were in their element.

Those waves are splashing over our log just out front. I wonder how high it is going to go?

Check in for Saturday’s events Sunday!  Semana Santa, high tides, who knows what will happen………

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5 Responses to “Que Pasa?”

  1. Renee says:

    As always, Colin’s photos are soooo dreamy! Except for the crazy hair photo, that just made me crack-up! Happy Semana Santa!!

    • contessa says:

      Renee…..umm, most of the photos are mine but you are right, the dreamy ones were his!

      Jean….so much to buy and so few pesos.

      Nancy….yes I knew they were in Centro but we had wanted to get to Mega. Thanks anyway.

      George….that fish was delicious, all steamed in foil.

  2. Jean says:

    Glad you got your money, Michaels Gallery looks like a fun place to shop, and you look like your feeling better.

  3. Nancy says:

    Wow, I just caught up on your last few posts, that money business was a mess. I’m glad all’s well now, though. I should mention, though that there’s an HSBC in centro at the corner of Angel Flores and Belisario Dominguez. And a Michaels a block east from there, too!

    Glad everything worked out!

  4. Another fun day in Mazatlan and a delicious looking dinner as well.

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